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Status Updates posted by itchboy

  1. I should really just shut up.

    1. marcoclusius1


      then why you talk right now?

  2. I'm the epitome of public enemy.

  3. <---- Most useless member in this site.

  4. Well, I'm getting quite popular aren't I?

  5. <--- #2 most hated person in Emergency Planet

  6. Will not be taking any requests

  7. Want to do the textures on a few of my models? PM me.

  8. Civil Car Pack patch available here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2zf6vn17ruiyrs9/CCP Patch.rar

  9. Please redownlaod the American Civil Car Pack

  10. Van Addon for Civil Cars Pack now available!

  11. New Ford E350 Ambulance available

  12. Civil Car Mod now at Update 1....awaiting moderator approval

  13. Civil car pack now available for download!

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