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  1. Are there any more games like Emergency 4?
  2. -_- Comeon man.... the people are waiting for Mr.President
  3. Hi, I am looking for a nice, free active clan to join to. If you want me in, post below.
  4. Hehe You and I have something in common xD
  5. it will be cool if youll make some missions like VIP Escorts with alot more convoy vehicles and missions like protect the president and alot more fun stuff
  6. Helloo... someone answer my question -_- Multiplayer - Online

    1. salvador.c


      do you want to play online wht me?

  7. No one answers my quesion ;(

  8. I know I am new But welcome to the forum x'D
  9. Try re-installing it again... I believe the missions file gets deleted from your folder so...
  10. Is there anyway that It will automatically start instead of pressing Modification And choose it and wait until it loads?
  11. Oh, I know that. It happens for me too, just click on "Modifications" and choose "LA Mod" every time it happens. And I just can't wait for your mod to come out
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