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  1. Any chance it could be w00ds maps causing the crash?
  2. DXDiag shows you installed a 2009 graphices driver... But in order to see what is wrong we are gonna need a logfile. It's located in the main EM4 folder.
  3. pyrothijs


    Topic closed upon authors request. Please contact an admin/moderator if you want to have this topic reopened again.
  4. Just google 'download winterberg mod'. I even thought we have e very early version in our download centre somewhere.
  5. There are two or three people in the water when the mission starts, you'll need to rescue them using a motor boat before they fall of the waterfall or else the mission won't end. Also you will have to cut open the train wreck balancing on the bridge before it plunges into the water. Then there is a train cariage on the bottom of the river near the opposite bank. Also there is a very poorly visible victim trapped under debris near the bus (use the SAR dog if you can't find him). Some cariages can be cut open on more then one place, you will also need to keep that in account.
  6. I thought it was mission 9 or 11.
  7. The game can't seem tio find the video called take2.mpg See if you can localise it in the data/video folder and see if you are able to play the video using WMP. If you can't find the video, reinstall the game and check again.
  8. It's not the name of the files that needs to match, it's the content of the file. e.g. if you changed the multiplayer map to the standard freeplay map (by renaming it), your friend will need to do the same. Best wat to make sure both games contain exactly the same content is simply copiing the files from one PC to another and then try again.
  9. What exactly is the problem with the mouse? the last few words aren't translated. Can you please describe the problem more detailed and try not to use an online translator, but a dictionary in stead.
  10. Did you unzip/unrar the mods using winzip/winrar before installing them? Do you install the mods by double clicking the .exe file or by using the modinstaller to load the mod? Do you have a folder called Mods in the main Em4 folder (if not create one)?
  11. Have you tried loading the mod via the desktop icon you can create with the installer? Can you upload a logfile of a failed loading attempt? moved to technical help section.
  12. In the first post it is clearly stated this will only work with v1.9 (even in the first sentence). The title already says v2.01 pending, what more info do people need to understand it isn't meant for LA MOD 2.0? People should take the time to read a topic first before asking questions that were answered a million times already. We know it is undoable to read all 18 pages, but really: reading the first and last few posts of a topic isn't that much to ask?
  13. 1: Download the LA MOD by clicking this link. 2: save the file in the Emergency3\mods folder 3: right click the file and choose the option extract here or unzipp here 3A: If you do not see one of these two options you probably do not have Winzipp or winrar installed. In that case you can download and install winrar from rarlabs.com 4: now double click the file ending on .e3mod. The ModInstaller will start and will auto install the mod. 4A: if the modinstaller doesn't start check to see if you have the modinstaller (start --> programs --> [publisher] --> Emergency 3 --> Modinstaller) 4B: if you have the ModInstaller, start it and browse to the .e3mod file. Press install to install it. 4C: if you do not have the ModInstaller download and install patch 1.3 from our download center. 5: Start the game and choose the 'modifications' option in the main menu. 6: choose the LA MOD 2.5 and click load.
  14. Logfile and DXDIAG file please, else we cannot help you.
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