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  1. The link is dead. Anyone got the Multiplayer map on their computer that they can upload somewhere?
  2. Woho,, GRYMT ..Nice.. will be really looking forward to this
  3. Here is a tutorial. If you would have looked around a little bit you might have found it But how to change lightbars i dont know.. Tutorial
  4. This would be awesome Place in the World : Sweden Where in the Sweden : Kalmar (or any other swedish city) Time of place : Today World Style : Modern
  5. I would also love an english translation, my german is not the best . Getting crazy here. Would some nice soul take some time a try to make a translation? We non-germans would love it
  6. I have a little problem with the new version of the Winterberg mod. When my friend and I tries to play, my friend gets this: Does anyone know what to do to make it work? //Kajan
  7. Hi guys. I need a little help with translation i the Winterberg mod. There are some buttons and commands that i need translated and described what they do, so if someone is kind and help me it would be wonderful? Units and commands at the stations: 8-85-1 KTW Wib GW-atemschutz alamieren Grosstanklöschfarhzeug nachfordern Inselloeschtrupp GW-nachschub alarmieren Alamierung FAE Gefahrgutzug Freies FZ Alarmieren Kripo Alarmieren Wasserverk alarmieren Commands in one of the firetrucks Funkmast aus- und einfahren Commands in every truck Der Status 1 FREI AUF Funk wurde der leitstelle Ã
  8. Thank you for your kind help. Well, it just two things to figure out now Why the jaws of life isnt working in multiplayer? And, it just came to me, the trafficlights is screwed up, its enormous ques when i play freeplay. It is red all the time except fpr maybe 2 milisec. Why? Any one more than me that have had that problem? Again, thank you for your response.
  9. Well, i just figured something out. I can use the jaws of life when im playing free play alone, but when im playing online i cant use it. Its crossed then. Why is that?
  10. Well, it is working now for me, i reinstalled the whole computer and it worked. And now its working even better with my new Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 (A). So, Problem solved for Kajan
  11. Ahh.. then i understand. .. Since we have a tread up, so i want to ask a thing. When i and a mate is playing the winterberg mod, at every traffic accident that involves cutting out people i never cant get the "jaws of life", i have had every truck out and tried to get it but i cant.. it is a cross (not active) over it, which truck is it? Sometimes i can use it and sometimes i cant... And i cant find the button to send the diving truck out..? Thanks for the fast response Hoppah.
  12. Yeah, thats what i mean "most Germans understand English too". Why dont you focus to make mods in english so everyone can play them? Well, i cant translate them, because my lack of the german language
  13. Hi. How hard is it to translate for example the Braunschweig Mod 2.1 or the Winterberg mod into english? I mean, i don't know the language because i'm swedish and i only speak english and swedish. So it is very hard for someone like me to play those mods, i would like to play them so i understand, i have tried to understand german but it does not work that well. I became quite a mess acually. So, is it hard to translate? Or is there maybe a translation of them out all ready? Or maybe someone can translate them, who know german? I love the LA mod, but i want to try new things, and the scripts
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