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  1. Ive' got a problem with Norway mod. When I want to play, it doesn't show me funciton's like "Get out", "Heal injured person", etc. I cannot play it I tried few times, sometimes, it load it right, I can move, but still missing some things, I don't know :/ I have v. 1.2 I think, the only one, I suppose?
  2. Vjeetje

    Madrid Mod

    Superb mod!! Can't wait to try it! Keep up the good work
  3. Thanks for your answer, I really appreciate that =)
  4. Hey everyone, last night I manage to install the mod on my brother's computer. I can't install on mine, something just show's up, and if I click the "X" button, whole operation will exit. I just wanted to ask few question's and say something about this mod. So.. 1. If the cars could get a little bit faster, it would be great. 2. How can I redirect traffic? I've seen Mr. Kaizer said you need to press shift and choose start position. Little strange for me. 3. How Can I select/call tow truck, except callint it by the police officer? 4. It would be good, when some accident happens, it should say what is it. It show's up for a second and than dissapers, and when I come to the accident, I don't know what should I do. It should be some marks, when you click on it, it brings you to the scene, like in all other mods. 5. Sometimes(not always), in the right corner some body show's up, with marked, for example, head, right leg, etc. but I don't know what does it mean? Shall I do something about it or just transport it to the hospital? 6. I had a case, I couldn't solve it. I had 2 more cases, so I wasn't watching at it, when I was finished with other two, I went to the scene, but nothing was happening there? Some bees were coming out of trash can? 7. About the case with the animal attack, I always shoot the dog and than call firefighters to remove the animal. I don't call some unit(forgot the name) to "arrest" the dog. And just one more thing.. They should have done this mod like other mod's (Installing), like LA mod, London mod, etc. All in all, the mod is great, and very addicting. Kind Regards
  5. After having problems at the beggining (I couldn't start the downloading), now I have the same problem. That thing show's up I can't do nothing, if I click "X" button, whole downloading operation is canceled.
  6. 1. I did it, downloaded again. 2. I ran the setup, installed it in C:\Program Files\ERS Berlin 3. After that, i clicked on "ERS Berlin starten", it was on my desktop and after all it said: "Emergency 4 could not be found. Please select installation directory of emergency 4 manually" - I can't find it anywhere. But, it doesn't say "The mod hasn't been downloaded yet" =/ - that's the problem. =/ I finally did it, don't know how. I pressed someting when it asked me to select installation directory manually. Thanks for your help =)
  7. Does anyone knows, what should I do just after I download and install the setup? I supose something should start to download after the installation, but nothing. Any advice? From beggining to the end?
  8. It doesn't download for me. Erm, I'm going to wait.. that's the only way Anyway, thanks
  9. Hey Cyrussm, you said "press on the ERS_Berlin_Setup, and download a file". I pressed on the ERS_Berlin_Setup, and it has installed the "ERS Berlin Staten", without downloading anything?
  10. Hey, I'm just wondering.. how did you manage to start/install the mod? =/
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