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  1. 55 minutes ago, EmC-Unit said:

    Nothing changed on my end. Looks like poor CSS, read topics still colored as uncliked, and only 2 buttons out of all are working (go home and unread). Everything else is bricked.

    Which phone are you using? 

  2. 2 minutes ago, EmC-Unit said:

    I have hoped in with a phone, and the site looks like there is no theme applied (and a side bar selector don't work).

    Anyway, thanks for keeping the site up!

    Thanks ill check that with my phone

  3. Hello,

    I have performed an upate for the forum and server software. This caused a small down time.

    We are now up and running again. At this time I am checking the mail issue.


    - Updated forum to new release
    - Updated Server
    - Implemented HTTPS for the whole site
    - Implemented Security checks on our e-Mail server
    --> This should fix all e-mail issued users had

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  4. Its often part of a codec pack

    I read about people using this tool to reset:\



    20 hours ago, HutanuRobert28 said:

    |Vendor: Microsoft Corporation
    |Renderer: GDI Generic

    This means you are using default drivers. Which automatically causes to miss certain graphic extensions. Additional to this I noticed you are using the the integrated graphics card, can you confirm this? (This will likely be a huge bottleneck) 

    In case it is the integrated graphics card, the drivers can be found here:


    Also I noticed you are running the game on a Core 2 Quad, this will work but it might "lag" on big missions and certain mods. 


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  5. Hello there,


    I did a quick maintenance update to the site. The IPB version is now UP-TO-DATE as well as the theme and all modules.


    Several bugs should be fixed.


    If you have any issues, please report. Thank you

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