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Status Updates posted by Stan

  1. Does someone miss this spot ...wanting to let it disappear

  2. Click on your name (Top right) to post an update

  3. Click on View All Updates to post a status update

  4. On vacation from 11 July till 15 July, please contact moderators for help and questions

  5. I ordered my Deluxe version. I and we don't need any illegal shit :) Read the news :)

  6. Goooooood nnight Emergency-Planet!

    1. Grim_Wizard
    2. nick the greek

      nick the greek

      good morning to those who live in EU

      goodnight to those who live in the States


    3. Stan
  7. Emergency Captain make a topic, don't ask for support here please :)

  8. Respect everyone like you wish to be respected *EmP*

    1. Grim_Wizard


      And also... Shating is caring!

  9. is right off to bed... good night ;)

  10. Quite senseless to post wanted requests in here...

  11. New! Emergency-Planet on Facebook

  12. It's not our task to make mods. We are site staff members. Mods are done by members for members

  13. This section is not for support. If you need support, make a post or topic on the forum. Support requests in this section will be delete without prior notice!

  14. Talking with Deep Silver...

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