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  1. Given nobody's actually...Gone and given the link, just twitch links. https://emergency-forum.de/filebase/index.php?entry%2F3353-city-of-beaverfield-version-1-0 No English manual as yet.
  2. Glad to see progress is still continuing! It's been a very, very long time coming that we get a Japanese style mod.
  3. I can't find an official thread for the submod, so I just wanted to say here that I wish you the very best of luck and I look forward to following your journey making this. I've been hoping for a Raccoon City mod for... A very long time.
  4. La-la-la-Love somebody tonight
    La-la-la-Love somebody for life

  5. So. I may be late to the party but I've noticed something from the trailer as provided by Facebook: The preamble about rating is in English, as is the copyright at the end of the video. Nov. 14th international, multi-language release? Or perhaps October 30th for Germany and Nov. 14th for international?
  6. I want to sleep. So badly do I want to sleep. But it just won't come to me.

  7. All it's missing is the iconic Emergency theme.
  8. BATTLE ROYALE MUSIC IN DJANGO UNCHAINED. Life is complete. Thank you, Quentin Tarantino

  9. No option to make newsfeed by time of post instead of FaceBook's computed important posts. Really? That's irritating. Hope the next update fixes that.

  10. "Look at the white girl, it's a foul. Speak to the white girl, it's a technical foul. Touch the white girl... Well that's a lyinchin'." -Uncle Ruckus

  11. Detective Conan #3,000,000: Fourteen Wizards in a Skyscraper are Captured during a Countdown at the Crossroads of Baker Street and the Lost Ship, but the Magician of the Deep Azure Strategizes with Private Eyes and Fears the Sixteenth Raven's Silence.Also referred to as: We couldn't come up with a new plot so we just threw a bunch of old plots together and hope it turned out alright.--The joke is that they kick a movie out every year, much like Call of Duty. Unlike CoD, I don't refer...

  12. In....An effort to bring this onto topic... I'd like more in-depth calls, things that could require follow-up. Put police detectives in game and give 'em a purpose to investigate. Have a fire marshal look for the cause of a fire. Have paramedics need to take different precautions for different risks of patients. Things like that.
  13. Watch_DOGS gameplay streaming live from the PlayStation Meeting. I'd love to watch but my Internet won't even stream f*king 240p. Getting worse every goddamned day, Telus. Good bloody work.



      Watch_Dogs is going to be the best game ever made!

  14. My parcel arrived~ I'll take pictures of it later.

  15. Ghost in the Shell: Arise, and Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex MMO. Well. It appears it's a good time to be a Ghost in the Shell fan.

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