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  1. I ban you for the way you said ''many way to stop boredom'' when it should of been ''many ways to stop boredom'' D:
  2. it says in the read me that i need to install the Emergency 3 Patch 1.3 DE but its not on em planet anymore
  3. hey all, im not that good with this stuff so please could someone walk me through changeing emergancy 3 from german to english and also installing the L.A mod for it thank you in advance Mr not that clever lool
  4. hey everyone i got the steam version of 911 - first Responders and im having trouble installing modscan anyone help? i want to install the london mod v1.3 Thanks in advance
  5. i ban you to restart this thread and because i have not been on emp for ages
  6. i agree i always have trouble dealing with incidents because half the time my vehicles get blocked in by traffic
  7. looks brilliant but then the awkward moment when your not sure if your laptop will play it because its soo c**p
  8. hey all XD - i just downloaded the file from mediafire but all i got in the file was an audio file? what should i do?
  9. does anyone have the link to download this mod?
  10. looks really good hope you make it public
  11. the facebook page?- have you got a link @gunswat? ohh btw congrats on becomeing a mod
  12. is there any any updates we could know ?
  13. i class a mod as dead if they stop work before any version/beta comes out so there4 this mod isnt dead because the mod is out and its an amazing mod, the forum might be dead but not the mod
  14. raf have a beer on creating a awsome mod the only 2 things i could say is i PERSONALY find it quite tricky with out being able to remove the roof ( im guessing because of the vents thats abit of a problem for removeing the roofs) and the second thing is it would be alot more fun with more units and areas to practice e.g a pile of rubble for rescue1 to practice and barrels for hazmat ect but as i said this is AMAZING
  15. thats part of my skin which i will be useing in mod im working on, it will be aprechiated if it is changed ''the technical rescue unit''
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