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  1. Back from another long hiatus from the forums to give my interpretation of Montana statutes, cause I'm weird. Montana vehicle code 61-9-227 seems to imply that not having a siren is what differentiates a volunteer firefighter's POV from an authorized emergency vehicle. (61-9-227. Blinker-type or revolving red light on certain private vehicles -- use -- identification card, MCA (mt.gov)) Montana vehicle code 61-9-401 "Horns, Security Alarms, and Warning Devices" describes the conditions for use of a siren as this. (61-9-401. Horns, security alarms, and warning devices, MCA (mt.gov)) So, I dug a little more. I found Montana code 61-8-102, which provides a definition.. of a definition of what Montana considers an authorized emergency vehicle. (61-8-102. Uniformity of interpretation -- definitions, MCA (mt.gov)) However, the statute that specifies a volunteer firefighter being permitted a light on the front or top of his vehicle does seem to provide a description that wouldn't allow the vehicle to meet the conditions for having a siren and being classified as an emergency vehicle. Montana code 61-9-402 describes the signaling equipment for an authorized emergency vehicle as such. (61-9-402. Audible and visual signals on police, emergency vehicles, and on-scene command vehicles -- immunity, MCA (mt.gov)) The raw legal definition of an authorized emergency vehicle as described in Title 7, Chapter 33 appears to not have been published online or is hiding in a section of the statute that is marked as reserved, because I went through every single article in the chapter and couldn't find it. So, in short, I don't think that POVs in Montana would meet the other signaling requirements of the law to be able to be classed as an authorized emergency vehicle and then use a siren. Though I am tempted now to contact the Montana Highway Patrol and find out. Hope this is helpful. Otherwise I typed a lot to look like a moron.
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  2. Thank you for the help. I feel slightly vindicated that I didn't include sirens on the POV's. Okay it wasn't just because of the law - it's easier to leave them out than implement them into the code. I'll probably do some customization and make it so that a control panel command can be added, where the POV's will have sirens or not. Player preference.
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