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[EM20] Unlimited Units - Emergency 20 Compatible

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Hello guys.

Theres my first content.


Bring the emergency to a new level.


This mods allows to dispatch more units to the map. PLEASE READ "NOTES" SECTION BEFORE DOWNLOAD!


Compatible with:

Emergency 20, v4.1.0;

Killerconstis MINI MOD;



EM 20 Missions.




1) To play multiplayer, all players need have this mod.

2) A high number of units in map on multiplayer can cause lag issue.

3) A high number of units in Single Player/Campaign/Freeplay can cause game crash or stuttering.

4) If you save the game with this mod activated and then deactivate, if you try to load the same game, can corrupt your save data (create a separate save file for this mod).

5) ACTIVATE ONLY ONE MOD PER GAME SESSION, otherwise, errors can occurs.




1) There's TWO files. Each file modify an game mode.

The file EM5-16-17-MP_v1.2 modifies the Multiplayer, Emergency 5, Emergency 2016, Emergency 2017 and Freeplay.

The file EM20-Missions_v1.2 modifies the Singleplayer mode on EM20 Missions.

2) Download one of the files or each file but remember: ACTIVATE ONE MOD PER SESSION!;

3) Use the EM20 laucher to load a new mod;

4) Select this mod;

5) Put Killerconstis MINI MOD(IF YOU HAVE) in the top of the mod list, them the Unlimited Units MOD after him.

6) Tick the box;

7) Then click on OK;

8) Start the game.




Berlin Map on EM17 is missing textures and entities. - NEED FURTHER INVESTIGATION, IN PROGRESS.





Corrected incompatibility with Killerconstis MINI MOD;

New mod logo to differ the 2 versions.



Added support to EM20 Missions;

Splitted mod into two versions;

Update to Game Version 4.1.0.



First Release.





1) It's edited ItsLeandro's MOD?

No. It's based on his old mod to EM5, not edited.


2) Why i can't load the two mods at same time?

Because every mod use a command line named "MOUNTPOINT", selecting the correct game to load, but when 2 mods with diferent mount points set, the game return errors.


BUGS? Post here. Sorry my bad english.








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do you plan on extending this on the EM20 campaign (em20years_missions.json / em20years_missions_easy.json) ?


Also notice the current patch is 4.1.0 (however it will still work with both versions)

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4 hours ago, Killerconsti said:

which kind of problems do you face with the minimod? Missing Vehicles?

No, mod isn't loading on FP, MP EM5, 16, 17 when your mod is activated. But its solved, i will update first post soon with new version.



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Hi, when I use the water-tender in Emergency 20 Campaign, many, many firefighters exit the vehicle! I have ensured I am only using the Emergency 20 campaign version of the mod.

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  I don't seem to be able to download either mod. I get this error code: Error code: 2C171/1 when I click on the links you provided. Can you see if the links are still valid? Thanks in advance.

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