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Scenario Script Mod - Anyone interested?

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Any modder interested in writting scripts without the SDK?


Charlie96 and myself have created a new plugin which can interpret little scripts written by Notepad. We are trying recently to produce some tutorial videos (in german) but if anyone is interested we'll add some subtitles.

What you could do right now:

-Create New (Freeplay)events

-Create New CommandBar buttons

-Create new Mouseclick events

-SpawnUnits, Move Units, Show and Hide Layers, Send Messages,  Show the debugging Gui and much more.

In case you speak a (little) german, you can have a view into this thread


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we are working on it. We'll inform you guys when we have some vids in pipeline. We are also very proud on what we achived so far. This is a mix with with an OpenHouse Component + a SmokeComponent which are also included in the "Scenario Scripts -Pack " (but we advise users to set the Components up with the world builder).


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