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      ATTN: Mod Creators:   01/23/2016

      Please update the FIRST post of your topic to include important information about your mods and their progress. Since you follow your topics and respond to them (hopefully anyway) you know what people most commonly want to/need to know about your mod and it's current state/progress. If your information will not fit within the first post of the topic, please contact a staff member and we will make it so that you own the second/third (as-needed) posts are yours as well. Having the most important information in the first posts of the topic will hopefully reduce the repetitive questions asked by having the most important information related to a mod within the first post.
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      Signatures   03/04/2016

      Hi everyone. It appears that the update to the new forum has affected the format of the majority of signatures (adding extra spaces, changing sizes etc.). Due to this, could everyone please check their own signature, ensuring that it complies with the site rules. See the http://www.emergency-planet.com/tos.html/ or http://www.emergency-planet.com/topic/16848-acceptable-signature-sizes/ for more information.  We'll give it a few weeks to give enough time to edit signatures, after that the unnecessarily large signatures will simply be removed. Thanks for your cooperation. Regards, EMP Staff.
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Requesting to have mod topics moved from here modifications category:

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If you wish to have your mod moved from this category to the modifications category prior to contacting a staff member to move the topic for you ask yourself the following questions to figure out if your mod is actually completed to Version 1:

-Does my mod have all the required vehicles for the mod to function as the original game play does?

-Does my mod have all the required personnel for the mod to function as the original game play does?

-Does my mod have all applicable lighting done for the vehicles to have them function correctly as the original game does?

-Does my mod have a "completed" map within it that not only permits all the original functions of the game to work, but is also "filled in" with the required content to be classified as a completed map?

-Does my mod have all the scripts within the version that I intend to release functioning as they are intended to work? Do they do what they are supposed to without causing critical failures?

-Does my mod function with regards to performance and stability in such a way that the game can be played without critical failures or defects?


If your modification can answer yes to the above questions, then it is probably safe to say that it is in fact a completed mod and it would be suitable to release it as a completed Version 1 modification and as such qualifies to be relocated to the modifications category.


Remember that you can have a stable release version of a modification while still developing the modification, you don't have to release mods with scripts/projects that are still in-progress and subsequently unstable or unreliable.  The point of a modification is to evolve it, not to have an all-in-one release on day 1 that has every function within it, regardless to whether they work correctly or not.  If something is not working as intended, perhaps it would be wiser to leave it out of the release version and add it at a later date once it is stable/functional.  Most people who play the mods want a stable gaming experience, not a modification that has features that are unreliable or flat out do not work at all.  Bear this in mind when making a release version of the mod, Beta releases are not quite the same as a completed proper mod since they may have issues within them that adversely effect stability of the game and should be noted as such.


If your modification does not meet the above criteria, it would be best to categorize it as an Alpha/Beta release and subsequently should remain in this category until it has met all the above criteria.  Hopefully this topic makes it a bit easier to understand what denotes a release version vs. a beta trial version.


This topic may be edited over the next day or two to refine the information provided by other staff members.

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I want to clarify on a few things here:


First and foremost, the first version does not have to be perfect. No matter how much beta testing you do, there will always be bugs that will appear you may not see. We just won't call a mod a V1 unless those bugs are not obviously detrimental to the game in a way that makes it unplayable. If you've got a sosi script in it for instance, the sirens have to work. It's not a killer though if one unit has the wrong siren. 


Secondly any released mods that meet site standards for a V1 would have all units included completed. Don't release a V1 with models with missing wheels, missing lights, or that don't function as they should. If you're releasing a mod, it means it has to be playable out of the box, not require user intervention to finish what you didn't, that makes it a mod pack. 


Basically, we just want to start seeing mods that are finished and look nice. Maybe it doesn't have all the features you wanted, but it is still good. If you can't make a complicated script work in V1, drop it and work on that for a new release. It's better this way. 

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