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Found 419 results

  1. emergency 3 Emergency 3 won't install

    For some reason when I try to install EM3 on Windows 10, it keeps giving me error code -6005. It keeps saying that setup has experienced an error. Help?
  2. Hi everyone, Recently re bought Emergency 3 and installed it on 2 different computers. First one a Dell second one a MSI gaming computer. No problem with running the actually vanilla game looks great with new GFX cards... But the Mod installer doesn't work. Says it isn't installed correctly and please re install. Now I have read through the form and tried multiple ways of editing my Registry which was the previous fix but to no avail. I bought it from amazon. I have tried running it as an admin, windows xp mode, regedit(ing) it etc etc etc.... Nothing seems to work. Also tried to download the pre made regedit fix on this website but still nothing. So First, off anyone know of a way to fix it? If no, has anyone or can someone... use the mod installer (if it works for them) to install the mod, then zip the unpacked mod files and upload that to this website... Would it then be possible to just copy and paste to get the mod to work... that is the LA mod for Emergency 3 that I am trying to get. Alternatively... I could really care less about the base vehicles... is there a way to replace the vehicle skins, and data of the original game file to reflect the LA mod vehicles? Thanks for any and all help. Side note... this is my first time back to the form in about 8 years... Apparently i forgot my old user name. I was CrazyLion425 and posted the original fix for this back in 2007... has it really been almost 10 years! Edit #1: I have reached out to strategy First yesterday but so far nothing from them.
  3. Gamer

    Hello guys! I've grabbed Emergency 3 UK version, and everything works just fine... but there is no ModInstaller, so I cannot install modifications. That's why I installed a patch with ModInstaller, but it just got worse - the game still doesn't work. (I can't call vehicles in mods, glitches with 'people' in game e.t.c.') That's why I grabbed Russian version, and modifications there work fine... but now I need to translate everything there, but I didn't find any patch for this case. Is there any patch or file wich will translate all into english? Is there any (working) patch for UK version? Is there any other UK version? Plz help me. Thanks!
  4. Emergency 3 Lights...

    Is there a way to turn off the emergency lights on vehicles besides the obvious sent to base command? So you can still use the vehicles but not have there lights on?
  5. emergency 3 Em3 Mission Pack Mod

    I have started work on a mod for emergency 3, simply called mission pack. This new mod will add at least twenty new missions and 3 new original game themed vehicles. I have already made some progress. Attached right now is the mini-map for the new mission 2.
  6. can anybody help me with this, every time i play em3 freeplay never ending game gangsters pop out of no where and i dont know what to do. can anybody help me with this.
  7. I know Emergency 3 is an older game, but I've been trying to create a mod for it. However, no matter what I try, the game doesn't use anything in the Lang folder I changed, so the briefing I added to a new mission I'm working on does not appear in the game. Instead it is that of the original game mission. I cannot figure out what the problem is. I would appreciate any advice on how to get past this problem.
  8. Help Needed Urgently!

    Hey Guys, So i have had trouble with the game since buying it but now it is ridiculos whenever i go to play it crashes or doesnt load properly any ideas? Where do i find my logs as i am unsure Thanks, J05h
  9. I recently went to play the game and it crashed after clicking on it, ive never had this problem before, played the game fine in the past but recently this is the problem.... I get a error, saying the following Em3.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. here is my logfile data: Init Filesystem... Registered FS device "local" Registered FS device "base" Registered FS device "lang" Init UpdateChain... Init Timer... Init Screen... Init Scriptscheduler... Init GFX... Init Vision... Initializing post processor 'PerceptionCore' * Skipping config file Initializing post processor 'MotionBlur' * Skipping config file Initializing post processor 'Nightvision' * Skipping config file ?ERROR: Vulpine® Vision requires support for the ARB_multitexture extension! Please make sure you have the latest video drivers installed for your 3D card. Can someone please help me in finding out what is problem or what am i doing wrong? :6: Thank you all very much!!
  10. Looking for a Mod

    I saw here a while back the EM3 London Mod on the downloads page, but I cannot find it anymore, does anybody know where to find it?
  11. Quite some time ago I had this issue with the Mod Installer not working correctly for EM3 because I bought it online, so here is the instructions 16 Tons gave to fix the game (US). Registry can be opened by going to START: RUN Type in regedit and press ok, this will open up your computer's registry. Even though the instructions below are fairly straightforward read the NOTE: portion since you can effectively break the computer if you go about messing with things you should'nt be. The Emergency 3 Mod Installer may require a registry entry tweak in order to function correctly. NOTE: Modifying or deleting the wrong registry key may cause serious damage to your Windows installation. If you are uncomfortable, have someone who is more computer savvy do it for you. We will be creating the registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\sixteen tons entertainment\Emergency 3 US. Within it we will have the Value name 'Installdir' with the value data '[installation directory]'. Please follow these instructions exactly: 1) Start regedit by selecting Start - Run, typing in 'regedit' and then hitting 'OK'. 2) Select 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE' and press the '+' button to its left to expand the list. 3) Next, select 'SOFTWARE' and press the '+' button to its left to expand the list. 5) Right-click on 'SOFTWARE' and select New > Key. Enter the new key name: sixteen tons entertainment 6) Right-click on 'sixteen tons entertainment' and select New > Key. Enter the new key name: Emergency 3 US 7) Right-click on 'Emergency 3 US' and select New > String value. Enter the new key name: Installdir 8) Right-click on 'Installdir' and select Modify. In the 'Value Data' field, enter the full path of your installation directory. By default, this value is C:\Program Files\Strategy First\Emergency 3 Now, exit the registry editor by selecting the File menu and then clicking on Exit. The Emergency 3 Mod Installer should now function correctly.
  12. This is the official topic about patch 3 (v1.03) for Emergency 3. Patch 3 is required for some mods, like the Los Angeles Mod and Winterberg Mod. If you have the US version of Emergency 3, you don't need to install any patch, because it's already updated to 1.3!! Download links: ================================ English (unofficial) Patch (for UK version): DOWNLOAD There isn't an official English patch, but this should work too for people with the English version of Emergency 3. Read the readme carefully. How to install this patch: 1. UnRAR all archives to a temporary directory. Always unRAR with full paths! 2. Run the retail Update Patcher which we supplied for you by executing: SETUP.EXE from the SETUP directory first. If you encounter a problem with the patch, run TNT-FIX.REG NOTE: it does not matter if you have previously cracked files, the update does not care. The patch will update ANY older version. 3. Always make a backup copy of your game executable(s) first, because future update patches may require the original file(s): Em3.exe 4. Copy the contents of the CRACK directory to your game directory, overwriting any existing files. 5. Play as usual. It's recommended to make a backup of your Emergency 3 folder in case something goes wrong. ================================ German patch: DOWNLOAD ================================ Config file: When you have problems with Emergency 3 after installation of patch 3, the config file can fix that: DOWNLOAD ================================ Post you questions about the patch here. All other topics about Patch 3 will be closed and removed. [LAST UPDATE: 17 December 2006]
  13. i got windows 7 yesterday i installed the game, then LA mod and some submods Today i wanted to enter the game(first time after that i installed win 7 ) and i enter and appears a message ( in pic) i click on yes (si) and the start menu closes can a moderator put this on emeregncy 4 techincal support section, sorry and thanks here a logfile Init Filesystem... Registered FS device "local" Registered FS device "base" Registered FS device "lang" Init UpdateChain... Init Timer... Init Screen... Init Scriptscheduler... !Graphics system: Microsoft Corporation GDI Generic GL_WIN_swap_hint GL_EXT_bgra GL_EXT_paletted_texture Init GFX... Init Vision... |Vision DLL path: C:\Program Files\Emergency 4 - Edición Oro\vision71.dll |Vision, Version PC-4, 7, 28, 0 |Loading entity plugins of directory <C:\Program Files\Emergency 4 - Edición Oro\Data> ... |List of loaded plug-ins: |Plug-in named 'CubeMapHandle_cl' loaded statically! |Plug-in named 'VisionConsoleEntity_cl' loaded statically! |Plug-in named 'VisBase_cl' loaded statically! |Plug-in named 'VisBaseEntity_cl' loaded statically! |Plug-in named 'VisMouseCamera_cl' loaded statically! |Plug-in named 'VisObject3D_cl' loaded statically! |Plug-in named 'VisActionHelperEntity_cl' loaded statically! |Plug-in named 'VarManager_cl' loaded statically! |Plug-in named 'BaseEntity_cl' loaded statically! |Plug-in named 'VBaseCameraEntity' loaded statically! |Plug-in named 'VCamEntity' loaded statically! |Plug-in named 'GameEntity_cl' loaded statically! |Plug-in named 'Emitter_cl' loaded statically! |Plug-in named 'BaseGameEntity_cl' loaded statically! |Plug-in named 'TargetEntity_cl' loaded statically! |Registering plug-ins done ! |Initializing Vision Graphics Engine |Detecting CPU type and features |CPU:Pentium II/III FPU MMX ISSE 3DNow! |Vision Core: Allocated 28 kB of memory for Polygon Chunks |Vision Core: Allocated 9 kB of memory for Entities |Settings renderer configuration Initializing post processor 'PerceptionCore' * Skipping config file Initializing post processor 'MotionBlur' * Skipping config file Initializing post processor 'Nightvision' * Skipping config file |Initialising video driver: 0 |Setting screen mode to x:1024 / y:768 / bpp:32 / refresh:0 |Screen Mode is fullscreen, return value: -401 |Stencil buffer: 8 bit / ZBuffer: 32 bit |Initializing OpenGL rendering subsystem |Setting initial Renderer States |Vendor: Microsoft Corporation |Renderer: GDI Generic |Driver Version: 1.1.0 |Extension GL_EXT_texture_filter_anisotropic not available |Extension GL_EXT_texture_lod_bias not available |Extension GL_ARB_multitexture not available |Extension GL_ARB_texture_env_dot3 not available |Extension GL_ARB_texture_env_subtract not available |Extension GL_EXT_texture_edge_clamp not available |Extension GL_EXT_texture_env_add not available |Extension GL_EXT_texture_env_combine not available |Extension GL_EXT_texture_cube_map not available |Extension GL_ARB_texture_compression not available |Extension GL_EXT_point_parameters not available |Extension GL_EXT_clip_volume_hint not available |Extension GL_EXT_vertex_weighting not available |Extension GL_EXT_separate_specular_color not available |Extension GL_EXT_stencil_wrap not available |Extension GL_EXT_vertex_shader not available |Extension GL_EXT_multi_draw_arrays not available |Extension GL_ATI_fragment_shader not available |Extension GL_ATI_pn_triangles not available |Extension GL_ATI_map_object_buffer not available |Extension GL_NV_texgen_reflection not available |Extension GL_NV_fence not available |Extension GL_NV_blend_square not available |Extension GL_NV_register_combiners not available |Extension GL_NV_register_combiners2 not available |Extension GL_NV_texture_env_combine4 not available |Extension GL_NV_texture_shader not available |Extension GL_NV_vertex_program not available |Extension GL_NV_vertex_program1_1 not available |Extension GL_NV_occlusion_query not available |Found Extension GL_EXT_paletted_texture |Extension GL_ATI_separate_stencil not available |Extension GL_EXT_texture_rectangle not available |Extension GL_ARB_depth_texture not available |Extension GL_ARB_shadow not available |Extension GL_SGIS_generate_mipmap not available |Extension GL_ARB_vertex_buffer_object not available ?ERROR: The Vision engine requires support for the ARB_multitexture extension! Please make sure you have the latest video drivers installed for your 3D card. |Extension GL_ARB_shader_objects not available |Vertex Buffer Object extension not found - disabling fast geometry memory! !WARNING: global listener object is still registered! Unregister listener before destroying object!
  14. yea i recently purchased emergency 3 this week legit from the developer website and i downloaded it and the game works flawlessly except when i went to load the l.a mod 2.5 the modinstaller would not run it says that it was not installed properly when i did everything to default(directory). and it says to reinstall the game and when i went to uninstall it it said it could not open install.log what would the problem be help please as i am an avid fan of this game series
  15. Emergency 3 Bomb attack

    What can i do to find some injuries in the colapse bulding? I think that it is whit a rescue dog, but i don't have that choice in the list of vehicule.
  16. Hi guys, im prety new in emergency 3. I play only free mode and i have problem, i always have same "basic" missions, little fire's, some pocket stealing, crazy rampage, some medical cases, but i dont have any other. Why? i see that some others have and hostage situation, and other interestng actions. why i dont have all situations in free play mod? what i need to do? Btw i unlock all missions and all medals
  17. Hello, I need some help with my emergency 3 game. I have installed the game via Gamefly, however my mod installer tells me that "the mod package is corrupt" whenever I try to install a mod. I was previously getting the mod installer error that Emergency 3 was not installed correctly, but I followed the instructions here My game is NOT installed to the main hard drive on my computer. I would very grateful is someone could help me with the issue.
  18. Emergency 3 Need Help!

    need help badly! just edited vehicle speed,price,space,etc., and it went okay and i got it saved correctly. then i discovered how to skin a vehicle and got converter to do such. i skinned vehicle and got it back into right format and file okay, but then when i went to try it out in the game, it keeps saying it has encountered a problem and closing! what can i do to fix this? any help greatly appreciated!
  19. Hello, i just started playing Emergency 3 a few weeks ago and have gotten pretty good at it, but just recently i discovered Emergency 3 Editor. It sounds really cool and from what i understand you can upload maps you have created and use them in the game. i've kinda gotten the hang of it and read the manual, but dont really understand how to add a floor if you haven't created yor own and how to make streets. if anyone could send me simple instruction on how to do these things that would be greatly appreciated.
  20. I have windows 8 and when I runned Emergency 3 it sayed I need windows 95, 98, me,2000, xp, or 2003 server. I tried running it in compatibility mode but it didn't solve it.
  21. it's my problem can you help me?
  22. Emergency 3 UI Help

    Hello. I'm attempting to edit the colors (and for a few icons, images) of the game's UI via Paint.NET. Whenever I finish my editing and attempt to save, it won't save. "Access is denied. Use File-> Save As... to save under a different location or name." Any idea as to why this happens every time?
  23. hello im about to buy windows for macbook pro. i am thinking of buying windows 7 so i can play windows games and download different stuff. will em4 work on macbook pro. because some people say it crashes.
  24. Yeah, everything works fine 'till I want to play. Logfile: !Precaching prototypes ?Cannot add default animation set to Paramedic Team: incompatible bone structure? ?Cannot add default animation set to Paramedic with Injured: incompatible bone structure? Destroy XGUI... Destroy Audio... Destroy GameFramework... Destroy GFX... !WARNING: Detached camera from entity since the entity gets deleted Destroy Vision... Destroy Input... Destroy Scriptscheduler... Destroy Timer... Destroy Screen... Destroy UpdateChain... Destroy Console... Destroy Filesystem...