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  1. upload a .log file? Are you sure you have the most recent game version 4.1?
  2. Do you have the latest patch of the game installed (4.1.0)
  3. KillerConstis Mini Mod [February Update]

    update your game to the version 4.1 shall do the trick

    I thought it would be EM5 as you are here in the EM5 subforum http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/emoticons/default_wink.png

    use all 3 terrain tools (this will automaticly create the required assests) these tools are called: Terrain Moddeling Terrain Painting and Terrain Texturing -you dont need to make huge changed but you need to edit the terrain with all 3 tools. After you did it. Save the map
  6. How do I import sirens to EM2016

    No there isnt. Mine are around 10 seconds and the ones from the dutch mod are like a minute. However if you play them with the roadvehicle component - they wont stop when the unit stops moving
  7. How do I import sirens to EM2016

    Audacity can create .ogg files. These files need to be in mono-channel and not in stereo-channel. After you have import these files, you can simply add them to your vehicle (look at the roadvehicle component)
  8. KillerConstis Mini Mod [February Update]

    I've created a compatibility mod to play my Minimod together with the Dutch mod http://www.emergency-forum.de/filebase/index.php?entry/2514-em5-minimod-4-4-november-2017/ https://www.dropbox.com/s/n3vfgzzf1merrbj/compatibilty_project_tnm_kmm.zip?dl=0 Loading Order: (1) The Netherland Mod (2) Minimod (3) Compatibility Mod Notice you dont have unlimited units
  9. KillerConstis Mini Mod [February Update]

    Since the latest patch we have a lot of "official" source code and the possibility to synchronize our new content inside of the Multiplayer Mode. I had to give it at least a try and it always bothered me that the turntable ladder's animation where not executed at the Client-Side so this was my challenge for my first steps.* https://youtu.be/JNoF4JQsTD4 This looks much better and I know there is still more stuff that should be synchronized. So what should I try next?
  10. World Builder Errors

    you have to enable the mod from which you want to copy the map. In case you havent created a new project. Open the AssetBrowser (F11) and create a new project
  11. KillerConstis Mini Mod [February Update]

    Thank you for your feedback: This should fix it:
  12. Scenario Script Mod - Anyone interested?

    we are working on it. We'll inform you guys when we have some vids in pipeline. We are also very proud on what we achived so far. This is a mix with with an OpenHouse Component + a SmokeComponent which are also included in the "Scenario Scripts -Pack " (but we advise users to set the Components up with the world builder).
  13. KillerConstis Mini Mod [February Update]

    There has been several new Updates. In the latest one we added the option to buy new vehicles in Freeplay and Challenge mode. Because there are issues with updating the files at emergency-planet you can only find a recent version here: http://www.emergency-forum.de/filebase/index.php?entry/2514-em5-minimod-4-2-1-october-2017/ or here https://www.dropbox.com/s/rd36ky6gmtpmani/killerconstis_mini_mod.zip?dl=0
  14. [New Creek - Project] Download, News, Information

    yes, we should have a look into that. The problem you are telling us isnt too easy to solve because we can only add new commands but not assign them a Hotkey, that's automaticly done by the game but we'll have a look and see if it is fixable. Great idea
  15. Scenario Script Mod - Anyone interested?

    Any modder interested in writting scripts without the SDK? Charlie96 and myself have created a new plugin which can interpret little scripts written by Notepad. We are trying recently to produce some tutorial videos (in german) but if anyone is interested we'll add some subtitles. What you could do right now: -Create New (Freeplay)events -Create New CommandBar buttons -Create new Mouseclick events -SpawnUnits, Move Units, Show and Hide Layers, Send Messages, Show the debugging Gui and much more. In case you speak a (little) german, you can have a view into this thread http://www.emergency-forum.de/index.php?thread/65210-scenario-script/