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  1. Part of the problem is people that have no concept of how much time and work is put into things like this judge and pout immediately, instead of attempting to help the problem. Or don’t choose to just not open their mouths at all and understand that things take time and won’t be 100% right off the bat. I know it can be taxing and the constant berating from some immature ignorant people is the reason as to why early versions aren’t released. I’m in agreement with both parties here because I can see both sides. I look at what people say about EmergeNYC and it drives me nuts. So much negativity when they can’t even comprehend the work that actually needs to be done. So in closing, keep up the PHENOMINAL work!! And don’t let a bunch of morons deter you from this amazing thing you’ve created. It’s very pleasing to see people that still put the time and effort in to create such awesome content for the community. Thank you...!
  2. I think he might mean he's looking for the actual mod files in winRAR?? Your mod files will not automatically show up in winRAR. The way I do it...If winRAR is installed you should see the file you downloaded with a purple, green, and yellow stack as its image. (Something of that order) just right click on it and hit "extract here". That will extract the zip file and covert it into an actual folder which you can then drag into your MODS folder in EM4
  3. HC 5 is not intended to be installed via the mod installer. You must go into the actual program folder for EM4/911 through my computer. (Steam it's a little different...programs>steam apps>common>911/fr>mods) and click and drag HC 5.1 folder into the MODS folder... help at all? Kind of rushed typing this. If you still can't get it just PM me and I'll guide you the rest of the way.
  4. Beautiful work. Very very impressive!
  5. NFSSAm12, what the poster above means is the files have to be "extracted" with a such was winRAR. There are others out there, but that's the one I use and have never had any issues. It's free as well. Once you have downloaded the program, extract the package to a spot of your choice. From there, go into the actual program files for 911 First Responders, or Emergnecy 4, whichever you have. In there you will see a mods folder. Just copy and paste or click and drag the extracted files into the mods folder and you're good to go. if you need me to be more specific or show pictures just let me know! Hope this helps!
  6. If you're going with the single fire station...I think it would be cool to see one that has lots of detail and interaction with it. Give the guys the ability to go into an actual station uniform instead of being stuck in bunkers (turnout gear) 24/7. If I'm not mistaken I believe it was in the helping peter mod where the characters actually possessed the ability to sit down, lay down, etc... just some food for thought
  7. Aside from the obvious...the bigger the better! it's nice to see larger scale models. Especially since the firefighters in some of the mods are as big as the trucks themselves! Love the work you're doing vermin keep it up!
  8. Having the same issue with altervista...not just with the woods map beta but the classic 4x4 submod as well. If anyone has permission (don't know the status of xplorer) would they be able to reupoload somewhere?
  9. I can't recal whether or not those units actually belong in a station, however...if you click through the speed adjustment commands for the units, a return to station command should pop into your command window. Hope this helps!
  10. I hope so too! Just seeing this right here I am amazed. It's a shame it was never released.
  11. So as I was browsing around YouTube I came across this gem...Yes I see it says Squad 55 Clan. I had heard mentions in the past of the "City Stations" Mod. There are two other videos from the same user showcasing Engine 1 and Engine 2 in one video, and Rescue 3 in another video. In the Rescue 3 video, you also get the chance to see Quint 1, which is missing out of this station in the video posted above. Does anyone know if this mod is still in existence? Somewhere? Off in the great beyond of all EM4 players...? lol. I love the concept of smaller, simpler fire stations. In this case a two company station with an Engine and Truck. Any input/info is greatly appreciated!
  12. I know it's been some time since a post has been made...but has there been any luck on decreasing the lag? From what I've read, it seems like AMD graphics are a culprit for causing this. (I myself am having the same issue)
  13. Would be nice...too bad my low end laptop that cost me over $800 can't handle it because of the lights.. But no in all seriousness this mod is beautiful...I love everything about it. Just voicing my frustration Incredibly impressed by your fire apparatus!
  14. I know it has been quite some time since you've posted this Hoppah but I am very glad I found this post... I just recently bought a new laptop specifically to play this game. This was before I saw this post, and realized what was said about AMD...(my laptop has the Radeon R7 series, and the latest driver for said card) As far as performance goes, generally I have absolutely no complaints. The game looks good, runs good, and then I get into the incredible frustration of my game lagging because of the lights. Several mods the cause: Harbor City, Brooklyn, Ocean City, Riverside, even the LA Mod 4x4. Every unit in the Brooklyn and Manhattan MODS lighting causes terrible lag, once I turn the lights off problem solved. But let's be realistic here...it takes some of the fun away. In MODS like Northview Creekside, and the Riverside, it seems to be only the battalion chief cars or EMS supervisors. There is a small amount of lag here and there with some of the fire apparatus but not too terrible... however when multiple units come into view, for example a large structure fire...I am back to the "this lag is awful mind as well stop playing because it's not even fun to play now" mindset kicks in. In a way I'm slightly confused, for example...LA 4x4 I send a squad and a chase car on all EMS calls, the chase car from station 2 has many lights on it, with tons of radiation, yet I get minimal lag. Then I pop a fire call, send 2 engines and a ladder that have much less radiation and I get aton of lag. Same with Harbor City. I saw in another posting to go into the editor and remove radiation from the lights and I should be fine. I went ahead and did so for a select few units in Harbor City (Battalion 1, Engine 1, Ladder 1, and Squad 1), sent the units out, with still no success and about the same amount of lag. Has there been a way to improve all of this that I have missed? Is there anything that can be done?
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