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  1. @TheVolume Been looking forward for this mod for like 2-3 years now and i really admire how you havent dropped it, been a very nice ride so far and cant wait for it to finish. I am no one to judge but your work is very good and definentaly nice.
  2. Will the map be sweden themed, like london / LA mod. Or will it just be default? Also nice to hear from you again. We appreciate you not dropping the mod
  3. Haven't heard from this mod in a while, how is it going? What is left to work on et.c . Cant wait til it gets released
  4. Can't believe that you guys are still going at it and have not just abandoned the mod. Thanks for actually doing this and i cant wait til this comes out to everyone.
  5. Will the voiceacting of all personell be swedish or english? like we see in LA Mod
  6. U know, controls for the new stuff et.c , General and yeah, Maybe what to use it for and stuff
  7. Nevermind, me being stupid, realised ui needed to activate a "Pump" For it, alright i get it thanks, think i can get like some sort of like what stuff does?
  8. Hello Gents, I Just downloaded London Mod 1.3 , 4 EM4, worked ok, then a crash happened , and now like i cant interact with stuf like extinguising fires et.c This is very frustrating, i cant play with the mod, wont work. IDK if the crash had something to do with the thing thats happening, perhaps coding error, Is there something i can do? something Mintcake can do, i really wanna play this mod. but ill try to discover by me self, but, i would more then love if someone can help me
  9. I Downloaded the London 1.3 Mod, Very fun. i played like normal, then the game crashed , then now i cant like extinguish fires, or reset alarms et.c , dunno if the crash has anything to do with it, and solution?
  10. Jätte spännande ! Ifall du behöver hjälp med nått så kontakta mej. har lite skills här och där. tror du man kan få lite early Info elr?
  11. Can someone tell me how to install the nl mod fixer. i really need it
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