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  1. In the past month for me, I have attended: Ruptured Gas Line last week and a two car MVC on the QEW Highway. one vehicle into the centre median, the other into the right ditch going towards niagara falls. There were other calls (medicals and alarm conditions), but nothing very important to go to.
  2. For the love of GOD! DON'T POST SUGGESTIONS. I don't know why people have such a hard time with that... Please post in the appropriate thread, this one not being the place. Thank you. em4freak
  3. Your department sends an awfully large amount of apparatus out for very minor incidents...don't you think?
  4. Had a good call the other day. Lincoln Pump 1 and Squad 1 were to respond for a reported MVC. Upon arrival they found a car in the middle of the road with the front missing and one male patient trapped and unconscious. They requested the Rescue. The car had hit a telephone pole (seared it in half), and then struck a large tree before stopping in the middle of downtown beamsville. He was transported to Hamilton with serious injuries. Remember people, DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!
  5. I'll definitely have to agree with you here. The EM3 LA Mod has about, what I would consider, 50% of the capabilities that the new LA Mod has for EM4. I would highly recommend that you go about getting EM4 for your computer. It would be very worth your while (if you are considering EM3, I would advise against it ) emergency4freak Shane
  6. lol, in Lincoln (which is like...40 minutes from you in Fort) we have had like, 0 calls lately. However I was in Toronto about 2 weeks ago, and they were having MVC's on the 401, the 404, and the Don Valley Parkway about every 5-10 minutes! It was ridiciulous. 3 of which were mvcs with entrapment. As for your quote about the st kitts fire tones (FortErieFireEli), they only have 2 tones per truck. If they are paging 3 stations for an MVC, then they'll have 4 tones (the chief tones, plus one for each station. I HATE when they do radio and recall pager tests because those take literally 2 minutes to tone out. But anyways, my most recent call would have to be a reported MVC at King St and Ontario St in Beamsville (Lincoln). After going up to the street, they found nothing. ST catharines fire dispatch then told them that there was a possibility of it being on John St near michael Ave (half way on the other side of town). Once they got there...nothing. They cancelled after fire dispatch stated that it could be at King ST and McKenzie drive (which is in Jordan...2 towns over). They toned out station 4 for that one. Upon arrival...NOTHING AGAIN...so they checked with EMS dispatch and they said it could be by Victoria Ave and King St. Let me just tell you that my mother and I were driving to every location to check, and we have just driven through the intersection of Victoria and King...and there was nothing. After that, all units cleared, and i drove home (because I just so happen to have my license ) THE END
  7. lol to that video. I have never had that happen before. That's too funny
  8. I HIGHLY recommend the BC246t. I have had one for almost 2 years now, and it has definitely done justice. Fantastic scanner. very affordable, and worth getting. I HIGHLY recommend the BC246t. I have had one for almost 2 years now, and it has definitely done justice. Fantastic scanner. very affordable, and worth getting.
  9. yea the call in st anns was a fully involved roof on a 2 story structure. happened around 2 a.m. units that responded were: West Lincoln Pump 1, Pump 1A, Rescue 1, Tanker 1, Tanker 2, Pump 2, Car 1, as well as the regional support units.
  10. interestingly enough, big fire call just came in in st. anns which is in west lincoln. unfortunately i can't go, but it seems like it's really going.
  11. If it's the crash that was on highway 3 on boxing day, an ex lakeshore student died in the crash (reilly anzovino I think her name was), but it was a bad accident. very icy road conditions up your way im guessing. we didn't have too many incidents in Beamsville this last little while, except a male stuck in a cherry picker truck. the basket stopped operating and he was stuck 35 ft in the air for about 20 minutes. Lincoln aerial 1 came to rescue him.
  12. Hip hip, HOORAY, hip hip, HOORAY! Cheers to you Hoppah, and Merry Christmas as well. em4freak
  13. I haven't had too many calls here in Lincoln. In the middle of the night last night however, there was a 2 vehicle MVC with unknown injuries or trapped. I just dosed right off to bed...i have been on vacation for the past little while so I haven't been scanning too much. needless to say, the day I got back on the 20th, fully involved barn fire in Jordan, involving 2 barns and a trailer!
  14. I work for Tim horton's, as well as being a high school student
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