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  1. Fantastic mod with some great features. However i noticed some small bugs(most of them is already adressed in the 1.2 video on yt, so i won't bring them up). See down below. -Lack of equipment in some vehicles. Some examples: No jaws of life in the DEMA rescue truck, no firehose in the DEMA hose tender(http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/emoticons/default_rofl.gif), no SCBA in the rapid response unit. All of these is easy to fix, however i thought it was good to adress them if they weren't already noticed by your team. -And the watertank is currently bugged out on every vehicle. For me it seems like every vehicle got an unlimited tank, however after i while it gets empty without showing it on the indicator. -Small fire station, 4x4 vehicle with lake pumping capability. When you withdraw the unit from pumping from the lake with one firefighter inside, he will dissapear. Is there any additional larger incidents planned where DEMA can be called in more? Bus crash, train crash, chemical incident etc? Like always, great job with the mod itself!
  2. There is one thing to write alot of features, but not to show them is really poor imo. We will see after release though..
  3. Do we have more information about this game yet? Seen some youtube videos but it does not show much gameplay unfortanly. The release is in the end of September as well and there is barely any info, next "autobahn police simulator" from the same publishor Aerosoft? No buy in that case for me
  4. matte31

    USSR Mod [WIP]

    The link to the downloadable content doesn't seems to work anymore. I can't get inside the freeplay/freeplayd maps to edit, they crash as well in the editor.
  5. matte31

    USSR Mod [WIP]

    So just tryed the 1.01 version, but i only get to the start screen of the game, when it's about to launch an event the game crashed without any error. Any ideas whats going on haha?
  6. That undoubtly looks like a cobra coldcut vehicle from SÄRF/SERF region. Is it based on that? And the engine above, might add som battenburg patterns? Im doubtful any fire service in Sweden don't add stripes to new vehicles. Just a tip
  7. Cheers! Great with a quick response. Will AKS feature in the mod? If that is the case will they have extra weapons? I know police won't have the biggest role but still
  8. Looks amazing so far. Looking forward to it as well! Is the security officers armed or will the police stand for that?
  9. It was the broken xml problem. Cheers, and thanks for the help mate!
  10. So during my modding process i've headed into a problem that i can't solve myself. It's the simple "Vehicle not showing up in list IG problem". I have added the vehicle in both "Specs","Units" and with correct models/prototypes. It's a squadvehicle in the editor as well ( DLK/STW etc ). I have already looked over the possibility that i have copied the wrong name of the vehicle or folder and added into the specs lines, but it is the correct one. So what is it left to check?
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