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  1. Looks pretty neat, always looking around for more English modifications. Still yet to see an Irish modification, but, the future is still to come! Best of luck with your project, vehicles are looking fantastic man!
  2. Pretty cool, you plan on adding any scripts such as limited water supply, etc? Hope this can become a public release in the future. :^)
  3. I think the whole idea of this is for you to utilize the first responder too, I also see in a screenshot what appears to be an emergency doctor..? Not sure but that's what I think is what the purpose is.
  4. Great work on this BMA! Downloading now EDIT: I lied, end of archive. Need to wait till the first :/
  5. Looking forward to this, been watching videos on it.
  6. Looking forward to this, I love me some rural vollie action.
  7. An introduction to the clan can be found on the website it self; ecfr-emergency4.enjin.com/home#
  8. And yes, I tried to change my resolution that is why it is so low.
  9. I believe the entire point of this section is to introduce a modification you wish to start to the community. Not just give as little information as possible.
  10. Nice, will download and check it out and provide feed back after I play a bit!
  11. Cheers man, that's awesome. I tend to like European modifications best because of the fact that Europeans are usually better at coding and scripting and their modifications are SO advanced. But, I just love my home countries apparatus
  12. Not sure if I should ask this here but yeah, I'm playing freeplay and I am stuck on an event-..it's a shock victim and the person is "adiposer" which I translated to "obese" and I'm not sure what to do so I can transport them.
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