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    Moss, Norway
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    Work at a Hospital in Norway, voluenteer in the Red Cross Search & Rescue, also enjoy LCPDFR/EM5

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  2. But the Norwegian Police are gonna start using passats as unmarked units over all Norway by next year or something! ;-D LUV THIS MODE
  3. The Unmarked Police in Norway use black VW passat as unmarked police patrols. ;-D
  4. Do you got any pics.? IF YOU DONT GIVE ME PICS. I WILL **** MY COMPUTER TO **** SO pleeeaassee
  5. Place in the World : Norway Where in Norway : Oslo (I dont live i olso but i live nearby) Time of place : 2011 Style : Modern
  6. marcus911

    Rundefjord Mod

    Just so you know it the norwegian police is getting new car designs! The old was white, blue ,and red but the new ones gonna be white, black and yellow! here is the pics:http://www.vg.no/bil-og-motor/artikkel.php?artid=10021454 (The page is on norwegian :-( ) but it is not sure they ar gonna get the new ones! ;-D
  7. marcus911

    Rundefjord Mod

    is this mod dead? and where in norway is rundefjord??? hilsen marcus
  8. i have been to your page sooo many times an i love it! i have send you some photos on mail.. hilsen marcus j. s. g.
  9. marcus911

    [EN|NO] Bodø Mod

    WHAT!? are you thinking? BODØ mod dead? NO
  10. marcus911

    [EN|NO] Bodø Mod

    Do you got any more pics.? I`m looking forward to this mod! sorry for my bad english i`m norwegian
  11. marcus911

    Rundefjord Mod

    I cant see the picture!? Can you paste a link or somthing?
  12. am norwegian but im like yhis swedish mod! i like the mercedes ambulance.. keep up the good work! (sorry for bad english im only 11 years!) "yhis " i mean this
  13. marcus911

    Rundefjord Mod

    har du no flere bilder
  14. marcus911

    Rundefjord Mod

    amazing i cant wait. i`m norwegian
  15. helo and welcome to my profile.

    you are welcome to be my friend

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