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  1. Thanks Killerconsti, and sorry for late reply Been using log files more frequent and it helps alot. i have made a new freeplay map that is almost finished. i was wondering if you have made any progress in making a new campaign? you mentioned something about that in your minimod post. I want to make a simple campaign with a Harbor/airport fire in the new map, something simple, not scripting complex. Have tried messing with the em2016/em2017 campaign to see if i can get another campaign appear ingame. but no luck yet
  2. Hey! go to \Emergency 2017\data\em5\gamedata\em5_specs\default open in notepad (or anything similar) and scroll down to "em5::FreeplaySpecsGroup": and change "MaxEventLimit": "4", to the amount you want Make a backup, since altering gamefiles can make problems in multiplayer games. Cheers
  3. Hey guys Seeing there is a struggle to find people to play with i have recently created a steam group to find other people to play 2, 3 or 4 player coop/comp with. Feel free to join or add me on steam. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/EM2017MP Best regards Kim
  4. Yeah its what i ended up doing, il let you guys know if i find a solution to use another eventpool. Guessing the same goes for unitpool. but i havent started to fiddle with that
  5. Hi guys, im playing around in the editor and have created a new freeplay map. im struggling to figure out how to connect my map to the correct event pool, all it does is load the test event pool. This is the debug log, i removed the test_event_pool to see what happend. [2016-11-07 23:46:59][QSF info] QSF successfully started 14797 entities of the map "em5/map/map10_metropolis/map10_metropolis.bin" (2656 ms) [2016-11-07 23:46:59][QSF info] QSF successfully loaded the map "em5/map/map10_metropolis/map10_metropolis.bin" (4121 ms) [2016-11-07 23:46:59][QSF info] Loading ingame HUD [2016-1
  6. I must say i am mighty impressed by your work. I follow it here and on the German forums. You guys are really pushing boundaries when it comes to Em5 modding. I really hope this kicks of a new era in emergency modding
  7. Hey Unless you have edited vehicle pool files, it should be there. You will find it under police, remember to scroll down with the middle mouse button Best regards Kim
  8. New patch is out today, and it says it has been fixed
  9. The pathing was automatically right? clicked the intersection and hit F9, and the "tool" so that i can see the green and yellow path, and it looks fine. problem now im facing is this error comming up when i start the map
  10. Hi im playing around With the editor, trying to make an dynamic small town. made some roads, and buldings but i cant make the cars drive around, or make the People walk. They just spawn at the spawning point. Anyone know how to make the cars drive around?
  11. Try to place the crane as close as you can the rails. so that when you click the vehicle underwater, so that the Crane dosent have to move worked for me also had to get the diver to retrive a victim in the water, the boat wouldnt pick him up
  12. i saw a script somewhere, think in hoppahs La mod. that allowed healing without a medicbag
  13. should wreck your plans as i stated, i have a own installed version just for my norway mod, so i can edit the data folder for the game. what you can do if you plan to release your mod. is to make a "Data" folder inside your mod. so that people can copy this into the game folder to get the changes you made.
  14. i dont think you can change that in your mod folder. you have to make the change in the game folder. same goes for the supervisor videos. for my own mod, i have made a copy of the whole game. so that i can make changes to the game folder. UI changes, supervisor video changes, and so on
  15. go in to the editor, load the multiplayer map and delete the train on the tracks. then it wont spawn
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