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  1. Since this will be missionscript ran, maybe look at something like Helping Peter to start. Where there isn't as much as something like RTS but a basis to start with.
  2. Generally in my area we do not really have a way to deal with escaped large animals. Sometimes the state DEC officers or animal control through the town will hold the animal until the owner arrives as they usually have a trailer to move their own animals. Maybe you could make the Montana FWP truck be able to tow a trailer than the animal can be put into.
  3. I would personally compare it more towards Wegberg mod. Both are more in depth than other mods out there currently and specifically they both have SCBA levels and different scripts than you can get in free play generally as they are mission based.
  4. I mean I suppose that does qualify as a roof ladder lol
  5. Generally 20ft or 24 ft extension will get you up a 2 floor residential. Most companies will carry one of either length on an engine plus a roof ladder. However for the way the map you have is a rig with a 20' or 24' should work perfectly.
  6. Just posting an update for anybody following this mod, I'm still working on this when possible and have been messing with trying to model my company's new Engine 4. However my computer's fan is basically shot so I'm using it as little as possible until my new one comes in so I don't burn up the hard drive. Hopefully, fingers crossed, I will have a lot of progress to show soon.
  7. Will the Dillon Chief be a POV like many volunteer companies have or will it be a fire department vehicle more along the lines of what the original Montana mod had?
  8. The GMC Sierra should probably be a POV. In rural areas most volunteers that I've seen will have SUVs or pickup trucks.
  9. Just so people are aware as to how to UV map in Blender I feel stupid because of how easy it is. The easiest way is to open a separate viewport and to set that port as "UV/Image Editor." Next in the main viewport with the model go into edit mode and select all (standard key is A) next you will either click the tab that says "Shadings/UVs" or by pressing the "U" key. The easiest step is to press the "Smart UV Mapping Project" and to add at the least 0.09 Island margin. Lastly just press ok in that popup box and in that UV mapping viewport will be the UV map of the model.
  10. Okay I have a question for anyone following this mod on what unit of these they would like to see. I would make a poll however I do not know how to do this. Would everyone prefer to see the old Angola 6 which was just taken out of service or the new Angola 6 which was just put in service? Reply to this whichever your choice is. Top is the new ladder and bottom is the old ladder obviously. http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_02/5c71e6ee1e21e_Angola6New.jpg.4eeec9b996f68166d0fd0153b6453a78.jpg http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_02/5c71e6ef437de_Angola6Old.thumb.jpg.ef904872385ec927a70e8e245d63d5be.jpg
  11. Yeah I realized that afterwords. What confused me was two days ago I exported a model just fine without having to check textures. Not sure why all of a sudden it stopped having an "automatic texture" or something but who knows. Thank you very much
  12. I just had this problem starting last night. The other day I exported a .v3o from Blender and it was working fine. But last night and today when I tried to export a model it gives me an error message. Does anyone know what could be causing this? In the upper right is the error message I recieve.
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