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  1. I can work on the lighting. I can do some of the texturing if needed but I will definitely say I'm better at lights than textures.
  2. I think you can edit the materials.xml and change the combustion and burntime to change fire spread.
  3. New chevron texture for 7-1. Thank you to Phantom for providing the texture.
  4. Finally had the time to finish up the texture and lighting for Rescue 7-1. Model by Itchboy, texture by myself. media.io_7-1 Lights.mp4
  5. Highland VFC Rescue 7 now has a model completed. This will be one of the 4 heavy rescue units in the mod. Credits: Itchboy HME 1871 cab, THVFD Asset Pack Rescue Body. Texturing by myself.
  6. First tanker of the mod is in the process of build textured. Since this is a rural mod there will be 2-3 callable tankers as hydrants will be limited in some areas. Credits: Itchboy Peterbuilt 330 cab, THVFD Asset Pack Tanker body
  7. I have a question for anybody who downloaded the pierce pack and the simon duplex ladder. When I move the files into the editor they appear completely untextured. I am doing something wrong here or have other people had the same problem?
  8. Okay that worked for finding the problem. But now I can't export the file. It gives me a "out of memory" error. I have tried multiple times and have the same issue.
  9. Okay I'll give that a try, If that solves the problem fantastic if not I'll keep messing with the model. Thank you
  10. Don't use Zmodeler. Only blender. Here is a screenshot from that. Only scaled down the bed that I made. Did not change the original cab file that was the correct scale when I began.
  11. Thank you both very much. Not sure if either of you would know how to fix this problem but when I exported the new model to the game the scaling is all wrong and the rotation has it positioned like a skyscraper. Would either of you know how to fix something like that?
  12. Okay I just finished this model. It is based on Itchboys Sutphen cab, which was correctly scaled prior to the addition of the rear chassis. Now when I exported the new model it is extremely large and rotated 90 degrees like a rocket. Has anyone had a problem like this before? And if so, how was it solved? 911_ First Responders 2019-12-28 19-32-27.mp4
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