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  1. Montana Mod v2.1 (In Development) Download link removed by Authors

    As this is a long topic I apologize if I missed something but as you are discussing povs, will the povs be like in the original Mayberry mod (A unit you can control like the engines and such), or will they be like in the prior Montana mod where they are spawned off map with no player control?
  2. Greeley County Modification (slowish WIP)

    This may be a little late to give a suggestion for a chiefs vehicle, but one thing I have been seeing more and more recently is unmarked chief cars or slick-top chief cars. (Something like the vehicles below). As for the vehicle model having an Expedition like you have is a very nice touch.
  3. Da Bronx Modification [NO LONGER IN DEVELOPMENT]

    Yeah I agree with Itchboy, get a few External HDDs, I use them for any pictures I take anywhere and I've never experienced any problems.
  4. [In Development] Northview: Paramedics

    Nick and Itchboy both have a point, however I agree it did look like it was "dead" but hopefully not.
  5. EdgeWater Mod (WIP)

    I've been waiting for a good snorkel truck, this and the one from Chicago mod are the best I've seen so far, I think the only ones I've seen. I will also ask Eric and Poole if I can give you our Squad 5a Snorkel script
  6. Chicago mod 2016 edition

    I sent you an email I just haven't gotten any response back on needing help
  7. Mayberry County [Released]

    I think if you search USA Mack into Emergency Planet you should find a page about it
  8. NCIS Mod?

    I don't know how easy it will be to get some parts 100% perfect but I would be happy to help
  9. Harbor City 5

    yeah, I was just wondering since I've seen lights like that be both irl and in mods.
  10. Harbor City 5

    Are Engines 2, 3, & 4s rear rotary or normal LED like most light bars?
  11. Albuquerque Modification {ABQ Mod}

    Don't think I've ever seen a Albuqerque Mod, or Arizona for that matter. This will definently be an interesting mod.
  12. How to get to editor?

    go to steam, right click on 911 First REsponders, go down to properties, click "Set launch Options", type in "-editor" and start the game
  13. [WIP]Western NY Mod

    Just for the sake of wonder light plane like single or double seaters or airliners?
  14. Attention all Modders! (Is it even possible?)

    Here's my first question, do you want it "turn" based or everybody at the same time?
  15. River Falls Mod (Fictional) (Private)

    OK thank you for answering that I wouldn't think that would be possible, but I wondered