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  1. For emergency 4 game As we know, in emergency 4 is the ability to create your own Modifications to the game Therefore, I decided to make Modifications which presents us with the Swedish rescue services Actual (News Videos Pictures) go to page 27 )
  2. Swedish Mod ( W I P )

    U P D A T E Mod is playable - but not all missions are available yet We still have to wait before everything will function in the game I tried Mod alone and everything works without any bug I tested 3 hours In today's update you will see photos from the official Swedish Mod Gameplay What missions are still not available? Ladder (access to 2nd story bldgs) - Not available yet I'm working on it HAZMAT (for decontamination of civs) - Not available yet I'm working on it In the next update we will see video of Official Swedish Mod Gameplay What do you think about this update Current photos for confirmation! #Regards #TheVolume
  3. Modellers needed! Can you help?

    I see that you have no ambition to start at all and this is [very important] do not even think begin
  4. Miami Modification [WIP NOW!]

    are you going all Blue Lights with State Police for FHP or Red Blue Lights Regards
  5. Fairbanks mod

    Fairbanks Mod? I dont think so but if you can , try to Bring this mod by yourself
  6. When I come to UV for the first time , I use it this before https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2-FfB9kRmE Then I could made my first 3D Lightbars - now I modeled whole Fire Trucks Rigs
  7. Swedish Mod ( W I P )

    Now I can Finaly modeled Fire Trucks Rigs mean whole back and make Acurate like we have in sweden I can model other things to like Led-Ramps or any Lightbars even a car. that I can make in Blender (3D) when it comes to your Q about Saabs I m modeled My first Ever Car model long ago I must finished is not Saab but Toyota GT86 Thats gana be Police Sport Special Tactical Unit I have finished whole model Need only do the UV Map There be update that shows what I mean check this out Regards TheVolume
  8. Swedish Mod ( W I P )

    Sweden FD has only Scanias but a few stations have also Mercedes , Volovos as a fire engine We'll see them soon
  9. Swedish Mod ( W I P )

    I have good news for you I going to bring back Blue and white cop cars Mod is set betwen 2005-2013 I have made Real Replica Swedish Fire Truck Scania There be also Mercedes FD Truck & Volvo Truck comming in next update Bud
  10. Swedish Mod ( W I P )

    U P D A T E Big News for Modification A Swedish map will be created Just like the Police and fire station, there will also be civilian buildings and the city center From the beginning, only Swedish emergency services were planned But now also Swedish Style in order for Mod to remind Sweden Me TheVolume & Itchboy decided so So I deal with the modeling of Swedish buildings as I modeled the police station and the fire station Itchboy will take care of the scripts and probably set everything on the map or do something I do not know now Everything is going with the plan from now on Another very important thing is how All Units in Game currently look Thanks to Itchboy, I learned the difference between (FLAT MODELS) and (SMOOTH MODELS) we have differences which will show in the picture right away It is very important if someone wants to learn 3D modeling After learning, I improved the models in the game and there is a lot of difference There are more news coming soon Current photo for confirmation! #Regards #TheVolume
  11. Blender V3O Import/Export Scripts

    I m Blender user to , you just missing textures and try to export with out Textures That never works
  12. Swedish Mod ( W I P )

    U P D A T E Brand The New Fire Department Station With Working Gates & Open/Close Roof by me Like I say before , Me TheVolume & Itchboy work together We bring to you all full functions Fire Department Station like LA mod has I m sure you going to enjoy this mod Current photo for confirmation! #Regards #TheVolume
  13. Swedish Mod ( W I P )

    U P D A T E New Ambulance - Leaked -WIP Big changes in the Swedish Mod Me & Itchboy work together Yes, that's right Itch works on scripts and maps and advises me I work on the rest This is fantastic news for those who want the Swedish Mod to have functions like LA Mod Open Gates & Fire Units inside & More Itch also works on his mod so I am asking you for patience And you all got mod ready soon Remember it takes a lot of time to deliver the mod CREDITS SpecialEMS is set to debut soon 3D Edits & Textures & Lighting & Lighbars by me Thevolume Rear Box by Itchboy - 3D Edits by me Mercedes Sprinter by NNICO - 3D Edits by me Current photo for confirmation! #Regards #TheVolume http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_02/5c55ab5eb6932_Em4Deluxe2019-02-0214-59-09-45.thumb.jpg.dfd9df64d2d5563bdf91cf158fe44258.jpg http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_02/5c55ab68a3d7b_Em4Deluxe2019-02-0215-03-37-51.thumb.jpg.753638581dfe43d8216370f28726e74e.jpg http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_02/5c55ab5eb6932_Em4Deluxe2019-02-0214-59-09-45.thumb.jpg.dfd9df64d2d5563bdf91cf158fe44258.jpg http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_02/5c55ab68a3d7b_Em4Deluxe2019-02-0215-03-37-51.thumb.jpg.753638581dfe43d8216370f28726e74e.jpg http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_02/5c55ab5eb6932_Em4Deluxe2019-02-0214-59-09-45.thumb.jpg.dfd9df64d2d5563bdf91cf158fe44258.jpg http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_02/5c55ab68a3d7b_Em4Deluxe2019-02-0215-03-37-51.thumb.jpg.753638581dfe43d8216370f28726e74e.jpg
  14. PowerARC VOLT Lightbars/Pack



    PowerARC is a success on this forum and has quite a lot of downloads as a gift I added two new models Versions for the Fire Department bigger and small I also added a new setup for Lightbars -I improved Detalis & Textures Here is for the LCPDFR - LSPDFR GTA Users - https://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/20971-powerarc-volt/ - Note is my First version there Regards & Enjoy TheVolume
  15. How to change time in edior

    Go to Editor , load mod you want to change time , then look up find ,EDIT, go to Map Propitles like that and you done .
  16. Swedish Mod ( W I P )

    U P D A T E Big changes for Mercedes Atego G T F Fire Department Division Small update of the fire Truck and comparison of Replica vs Beta vs Real Unit As we can see, the new version looks similar to real one At this point, small problems, I am talking about HAZMAT Truck The point is that it does not appear in the game, currently, they are searching for a problem Currently, I am working on Fire trucks and Ambulances Police will be the last one, You can see a spoiler and change to fire station Current photo for confirmation! #Regards #TheVolume
  17. Swedish Mod ( W I P )

    Well Welcome back to Bud Blue & White Old cop cars well don,t know if we see them Ha det kul!
  18. NFSUC Lightbars Pack

    Version 1.0.0


    Credit me before you wish to share or use my model It.s a low poly model perfect for use in any mods ( Enjoy #Regards TheVolume )
  19. Swedish Mod ( W I P )

    U P D A T E As everyone sees, the updates are quite often compared to the previous year 5 years ? it's been enough to do the Swedish mod Reply Yes, During these 5 years, experience was gained There were good days and bad days I started my fun with modeling in 2016 that's why units and buildings look like real In 2014-2015 it was just amateur fun nothing special when it comes to the mod The revolution began in 2016 Well All that is enough to talk today I will present my skil modeling and how it looks in comparison to a real picture Try as I can so that what I am doing looks like real sometimes you need patience Current photo for confirmation! #Regards Mercedes Atego G T F - Fire Department Division It underwent a slight change
  20. Swedish Mod ( W I P )

    I do what I can so that everyone will get what they are waiting for buddy Well I'm glad you're still here even if it takes 2-3 years you are still waiting like everyone else it strengthens me to completion Btw it was close to the death of this mod, but it did not happen bud
  21. Swedish Mod ( W I P )

    U P D A T E Fire Department Division (LEAKED) Welcome to 2019 Guys I work on Mod all my free time I have interesting ideas when it comes to Mod At the moment I am working on fire trucks Note on the picture are not shown, (All Vehicles) Mercedes_Atego G T F Will make debut soon, but in the picture is visible but not completed As for the ladder truck vehicle, we still have to wait #Regards TheVolume Status Mod 01/01/19 Fire Department Division Scania Hazmat -Truck 100% Mercedes Atego -Equipment Truck GTF 90% Mercedes_Benz -Rescue Divers Car 100% Volvo V70 -Leader Car 100% Volvo XC70 -Leader Car 50% Scania Truck -Extinguishing Truck TLF 50% Scania ladder truck 10% Mercedes Vito -Equipment Car 100% Current photo for confirmation!
  22. Swedish Mod ( W I P )

    U P D A T E RESCUE DIVERS Another vehicle for the fire department division ENJOY GUYS AND Happy New Year To Everyone We will probably see the modification in 2019 #Regards TheVolume Status Mod 29/12/18 POLICE 95% MEDICAL 95% FIRE 95% TEC 90% SCRIPTS 100% MAP 55% LIGHTS / AUDIO 100% Current photo for confirmation! http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2018_12/RD.thumb.jpg.55d167ea0b4852cc1b87467a4d778ad1.jpg http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2018_12/RD.thumb.jpg.55d167ea0b4852cc1b87467a4d778ad1.jpg
  23. The Era of Led bored me, it's time to get back to the old lighting Like Strobes & Halogens & Rotators This Modification restore the magic of the 80s
  24. Swedish Mod ( W I P )

    U P D A T E HAZMAT IS DONE ENJOY GUYS You give me motivation to work more #Thanks #Regards TheVolume https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98hoABV212I
  25. Swedish Mod ( W I P )

    Thanks Bud Will FD have Ladder? -YES --__-- I Never give up buddy Thanks --__--