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  1. I like that more people are starting to use Blender for 3D creations as for your "Mod" I can help you with modeling and skins I say I can advise or give tips That you could do 100% Body I personally made 6 Body and textures Contact me "for more information My first Tip for you is” Start with things like Lightbars ” then move to Big one” Make Lightbars is not so Big thing ” but you leran more ” before you move to FD Truck Bodys Regards’
  2. Well , I can already imagine how my modeled Toyota GT86 will look like ” thanks itch for the info
  3. Version 1.0.0


    The popular classic (Vista) is back I hope it will be used well Before you use in any mods (Credit me) as Author (TheVolume) ENJOY
  4. U P D A T E Time for updates For The Fire Division * x3 Units will be delivered Here they are X2 GTF (SCANIA) 2 Models (New) and (Older) X1 EQ (FORD F-350) Here Is The * Whole Station X2 GTF SCANIA (FIRE TRUCKS) X1 TLF SCANIA (FIRE ENGINE) X1 DLK SCANIA (LADDER TRUCK) X1 FORD F-350 (EQUIPMENT TRUCK) X1 MERCEDES SPRINTER CDI (RESCUE DIVERS) X2 VOLKSWAGEN / TRANSPORTER T5 / PASSAT ALLTRACK (FIRE CHIEFS) From The Map X1 GTF MERCEDES ATEGO (FIRE TRUCK) X1 MERCEDES SPRINTER CDI (RESCUE DIVERS) X1 VOLVO XC70 (FIRE CHIEF) At the end ART Police Action Stolen Tow Truck #Regards TheVolume
  5. U P D A T E After my struggle with Ladder Trcuk and Body Modeling Now I can show you unit and how it works What is still to be done? * 1 Correcting the basket * 2 Improvement and adjustment of the ladder * 3 In the video you can see that the fireman is not in the basket, it also needs improvement (Emergency lighting is not shown (Yet) #Regards TheVolume https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjf4yb_fTqk Well (One Station)
  6. I am waiting for this mod "I still have your previous units from the link you deleted Well wait because it's worth it " as to your work looks good
  7. U P D A T E The process so far & The taste of the upcoming Ladder Truck Interested of clicking the link? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JEQs9ZyveDw #Regards TheVolume Thank you, I appreciate it
  8. U P D A T E I am currently working on "Ladder Truck We can expect changes "regarding the Fire Station We know which" FD Units "we will meet in Mod Officially confirmed "Dala Mitt" This Division of fire brigade can be found in the Swedish Mod Because "we do not know what city is presented Units of the Fire Service "and Medical" it's different In the Swedish Mod, we find units from different cities Because "the map does not resemble a Swedish city" it just edited the original map What presents "Sweden" "Only rescue units that we control in the Swedish Mod That's how it lsook #Regards TheVolume
  9. will you be adding any off the American vehicles the Swedish police have as I have seen photos off American vehicles but used by the Swedish Police Of course, "Swedish special units use the Ford brand" Most "are SWAT units
  10. Yes " SWAT " nice to see new visitor see Mod " and are you interested in the modification I knew it would be easy! to guess " Are you interested in the modification " It's nice to see new visitor see Mod
  11. What will be bring for Upcoming Update ? Mystery pic - What you guys think" What this could be" #Regards TheVolume aka Adam Current photos for confirmation!
  12. Well " Thanks Latex When come to PD Station " must ask Itch how this better script work. Regards I allready edited existing ones " Thanks for advice I allready try it this map and Im so sorry but is not work and has alot bugs. Thanks btw & Regards I think that you are not very interested in my " Swedish mod" even if I try make good LA map would never work here " This is EU Mod " Need EU Map. Thanks " you to! That " sound good " Well I can crate New one if I can " Thanks " Take care That " what I do now " Edit Existent one" ty
  13. Any " chance to see PD Helicopter ? & Nice work as always!
  14. U P D A T E There is not much left to do "Speaking of the upcoming Swedish Mod Currently, work is underway on FD Station (You will see how it looks like) By summing up "Me TheVolume and Itchboy" we focus on Scripts Itchboy has an idea how to improve PD Station "I'm talking about the script Still "missing Vehicles of the" ladder truck for the FD and the "Crane to TEC They are not ready yet " This is the plan for the station see photos So many vehicles are currently H - means Helicopters see photos #Regards TheVolume aka Adam Current photos for confirmation!
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