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  1. (Thank you for appreciating my work) There will be different variants of police units Yes" I wrote reduced but (I did not explain) I need and mean focus on modeling and scripts for Fire base even focus on FD Units I will only add that we will find normal Police Units and Unmarked Units You have to wait for the rest (Thanks as always) and (Patience and see what I replied in the second post) Thank you and it's still a very nice mod Thanks " Yea I enjoy do cop lighting too " and " I can think and check if something like that unit should be in SW Mod
  2. U P D A T E I see my recent updates were "just uninteresting Not everyone wants to watch clips with police lighting so I understand you my viewers Therefore, in this update, you see "finally in action" Fire Department Units Status of "Swedish Mod Currently - Fix and works on the map are underway what's planned I intend to model the Hospital soon There will also be a new model for Fire Department Station/Base All additional units & equipment is ready and added in the game As I already mentioned Police units have been reduced Fire brigade units have been increased Ambulance units are unchanged Thats all " My viewers and Tell me what you all thing #Regards TheVolume #Enjoy
  3. Got Deluxe I got this " trust me Unit
  4. U P D A T E I have a toothache "nothing terrible" I count on your support when I do all the mods myself now everything is going very well "I have reduced the number of units in the game" and now I can "complete the mod for you faster x2 new complete units (video) I invite you to watch #Regards TheVolume  #Enjoy
  5. Unfortunately not, but you can create them yourself after release" Well You mean " Want to help with the Mod"
  6. U P D A T E (Real Life Units vs Replicas Game Units) How close police units in game looks like too real life units & Final decision when comes to police units setup before realise This is the final setup & you can see changes (See Pic) We know information what lighting we will see in Swedish Mod Rotatory Lights / Strobes Lights / Halogen Lights / Led Lights Notice ! ---- (Swedish Mod is set betwen 2005-2012 All units is come from this years) --- Notice! 5 Units is Comfrimed Another news - it was to much police units and they do nothing special and will be removed As you can see - final changes coming and begin New Video is Out (Check this Out) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FU9GhoosgU #Regards TheVolume #Enjoy
  7. U P D A T E Rare Volvo XC70 Police Cruiser (Equipped with Vista Lightbar) Clip presents x3 types of lighting & sirens - PULL OVER - SCENE - FLASH All " Functions & Cruiser are available in Swedish Mod for you all to use Last update for police units "no longer wastes time on different settings for all police cruisers This configuration is official) Next official clip & setup for the next Police cruiser (Volkswagen Passat Alltrack) will be available soon) #Regards TheVolume #Enjoy Thanks lukas Halogen & Strobe is a Love combo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8LiC22R_n8 Thanks latex and check how swedish lightbars works https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8LiC22R_n8
  8. U P D A T E First pic how ambulances looks like " Note " Not all EMS Units its shown" "Modern and Classic" #Regards TheVolume #Enjoy
  9. U P D A T E "My Dears Viewers" Small presentation "in this episode" Police and Ambulances " More to come soon" Next " episode you all will see the Fire Department in Action" #Regards TheVolume #Enjoy
  10. Volvo Power http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/emoticons/default_tongue.png " You will see more cop cars http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/emoticons/default_smile.png Yes very good Albin http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/emoticons/default_smile.png
  11. Emergency 4 Swedish Mod - Delta Riot Unit & Small Gameplay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jrXcqZywU1w - HD Skin for Delta officer #Regards TheVolume #Enjoy
  12. Well as always thanks and I appreciate it Thank you, I appreciate it as always
  13. U P D A T E " Just finished Riot Unit Guys DELTA UNITS " Know Your Enemy: The Riot Tactics of Swedish Police Riot police are police who are organized, deployed, trained or equipped to confront crowds, protests or riots. ... They may be employed to control riots as their name suggests, to disperse or control crowds, to maintain public order or discourage criminality, or to protect people or property. #Regards TheVolume #Enjoy #DeltaUnitsART
  14. U P D A T E !Thank you for the compliments " comments and likes and hearts" strengthens me for further work! Time for updates What will your favorite police car be " (Volvo XC70 Cross Country) or (VW Passat Alltrack) PIC " straight from the Police Station
  15. Good work there "can you specify how many units are there in Miami Mod?
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