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  1. Xplorer 4x4 here are some shots of what I am thinking. PM me please.
  2. MT275


    I am fine with someone editing it. I just am really busy with other things at the moment.
  3. MT275


    I have thought about it.
  4. An idea: At Fire station 2 I know how there is not much space but at this shot http://img291.imageshack.us/img291/9472/em4deluxe20100629075933.jpg you could parralel park directly across from the bay doors, and conserve what little space you have in the back parking lot.
  5. Orange County Fire Auth. Station 85 If wrong, give me a hint please?
  6. I need a model to be created. It WILL not be used for an in game mod. This is just to look at lighting options for a supervisors vehicle. Message me if interested please! Thanks
  7. Wow, I apologize. That is certainly more than I was first aware of.
  8. Ok I have seen this before on the forum but wanted to start my own topic. 1. A person posts a picture of a vehicle from a public safety dept. 2. People guess the picture. 3. The person who guess correctly then in turn posts their own picture. (Correct guess must be verified by person who posted picture!) I will start.
  9. Only a handful of BC's got the new suburbans.
  10. Does FDNY send EMS supervisors if there is an FDNY firetruck on scene but a hospital/private ambulance?
  11. No everyone is here, it is just hard to make a mod because we know almost nothing about it.
  12. I do have to agree, I become less and less active on the forum because the mod has yet to release an update. I am not asking for an update or any information about the mod but it would be nice to see something, just to know the mod is still ALIVE.
  13. MT275


    Something like that, if your interested send me a PM and we can talk specs.
  14. MT275


    With lights, I want list them all but a light bar grille lights flashers
  15. MT275


    I have a dodge ram pickup truck, (Front Shot), that I need animated. If your interested let me know. Thanks
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