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  1. Helping Peter Mod Crash

    Thanks for the help. I'll take note of that next time I play.
  2. Emergency 4 Mod installer

    Here's the fix: 1. Start regedit by selecting Start - Run, typing in 'regedit' and then hitting 'OK'. 2. Select 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE' and press the '+' button to its left to expand the list. 3. Next, select 'SOFTWARE' and press the '+' button to its left to expand the list. 4. Right-click on 'SOFTWARE' and select New > Key. Enter the new key name: sixteen tons entertainment 5. Right-click on 'sixteen tons entertainment' and select New > Key. Enter the new key name: Emergency 4 6. Right-click on 'Emergency 4' and select New > String value. Enter the new key name: Installdir 7. Right-click on 'Installdir' and select Modify. In the 'Value Data' field, C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\911 First Responders Start over with step 2 only now use 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER' Now, exit the registry editor by selecting the File menu and then clicking exit.

    I play, I don't have group space right now as my builder's club ran out.
  4. Your emergency stories

    I was in a park when my brother had a big seizure. It turned out his medicine didn't dissolve all the way. When he fell, he hit his chin on some mulch, and it was bleeding where he hit it. I got him on his side and we called 911, a few minutes later the local fire department's ambulance, and another ambulance service pulled up and took vitals. He had to get 6 stitches at the hospital for his chin. It's not the biggest story, but it's all I got.
  5. Emergency 4 Mod installer

    Strange, I have never heard of anything like that. You should probably talk to Squad65, he probably knows more than me.
  6. Emergency 4 Mod installer

    Alright, does it say that Emergency 4 is not installed correctly or is there just no modinstaller?
  7. Emergency 4 Mod installer

    You should be able to get to the modinstaller through the file location, let me see if I can find a way to help.
  8. Emergency 4 Mod installer

    Do you have the steam version?
  9. Emergency 4 Mod installer

    Is there a modinstaller in your emergency 4 file location?
  10. Emergency 4 Mod installer

    Will the mod installer open? If so, you should be able to install the package, but it depends if it's a .e4mod file or a folder.
  11. mod downloading

    Is the mod you are trying to download a .e4mod file or a folder?
  12. Is it a .e4mod file or a folder?
  13. Helping Peter Mod Crash

    Hey Everyone, I have been experiencing problems with the Helping Peter mod. It crashes whenever I try to click the green "free" button on the status. Can anyone help me fix it or is it a problem with my computer? Thanks.
  14. RTS Bieberfelde Mod

    Hey Everyone, I just downloaded the english translation for RTS, but I cannot find a link for the original german version to transfer the files at all. Does anyone have a link to the download page? If anyone has the mod, maybe you could give me the file? I looked everywhere but can't find any download. Thanks.
  15. Emergency 4 Editor

    Hello everyone, Does anyone know how to get the Emergency 4 Editor? Is it an application? Do you access it from the main menu? Thanks, -Dorianbrewer