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  1. Hey everyone, I have been having an issue with the camera hack. I would like to be able to zoom in and out further, like how it's built in with the Wegberg mod. I went into the file, and changed the values to what was recommended by the person who posted the tutorial, I can say what I changed them to if you need it, but it seems like it hasn't changed anything. I tried it in the Harbor City mod, Bieberfelde, LA mod, and the Sao Paulo mod, but none of them worked, it was just the regular camera. Also, I tried changing the length between callouts in the Harbor City mod, because it seemed that it was giving me calls way too fast, and that didn't seem to change either. I have the permissions set so users can change the files, but none of it seems to work. Thanks, Dorian
  2. Will there be a new version released some day? Sorry if the answer is in front of my face.
  3. Hey everyone, When playing on the Montana Mod, the game crashes sometimes. It only happens with the Montana Mod, while playing, not when loading. I have a lot of mods and this is the only one that has crashed more than 2 times in total. It normally happens when I try to dispatch something, but sometimes it will go perfectly fine. Thanks.
  4. Emergency 4 is dying. This forum used to be way more active. People are just growing out of this game. What do you think?
  5. Hey everyone, I am having a problem with Wegberg version 7. I go to a fire call, get the water supply set up, get traffic under control, and set up attack lines. After waiting about 20 minutes, the fire still wouldn't be put out, despite the 4 firefighters spraying hoses on it and one with an extinguisher. Am I doing something wrong or is it the mod? Thanks.
  6. Thanks for the help. I'll take note of that next time I play.
  7. Here's the fix: 1. Start regedit by selecting Start - Run, typing in 'regedit' and then hitting 'OK'. 2. Select 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE' and press the '+' button to its left to expand the list. 3. Next, select 'SOFTWARE' and press the '+' button to its left to expand the list. 4. Right-click on 'SOFTWARE' and select New > Key. Enter the new key name: sixteen tons entertainment 5. Right-click on 'sixteen tons entertainment' and select New > Key. Enter the new key name: Emergency 4 6. Right-click on 'Emergency 4' and select New > String value. Enter the new key name: Installdir 7. Right-click on 'Installdir' and select Modify. In the 'Value Data' field, C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\911 First Responders Start over with step 2 only now use 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER' Now, exit the registry editor by selecting the File menu and then clicking exit.
  8. I play, Firestone is a good community.
  9. I was in a park when my brother had a big seizure. It turned out his medicine didn't dissolve all the way. When he fell, he hit his chin on some mulch, and it was bleeding where he hit it. I got him on his side and we called 911, a few minutes later the local fire department's ambulance, and another ambulance service pulled up and took vitals. He had to get 6 stitches at the hospital for his chin. It's not the biggest story, but it's all I got.
  10. Strange, I have never heard of anything like that. You should probably talk to Squad65, he probably knows more than me.
  11. Alright, does it say that Emergency 4 is not installed correctly or is there just no modinstaller?
  12. You should be able to get to the modinstaller through the file location, let me see if I can find a way to help.
  13. Is there a modinstaller in your emergency 4 file location?
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