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  1. Nooooooooo you can't leave me itchboy !!!!!!!!
  2. Baltimore City Submod [WIP]

    Nice job man !!
  3. NJ/ Monmouth County Modification

    Hey I started a New Jersey mod a while back and was not able to complete it and release it , if you'd like I can send you a copy of everything and go from there , almost all new units have been added and state police is already skinned as well as some other vehicles
  4. Bergen County NJ Mod [WIP]

    Yes it is dead , don't have enough time on my hands for this right now Will a moderator please lock this thread for now ? Thank you
  5. Emergency Unit Pictures

    Here are two picture from my fire department in Bergen County New Jersey Ladder truck 17 is a 1995 Simon duplex Engine 18 is 1995 Pierce Saber Engine 19 is a 2008 pierce arrow xt And some rescue lol
  6. damn right they wont you tell em !! lmao JK
  7. [REL] Ocean City Modification

    Ohhhhh sweeeet
  8. It's the 9th file down from the top
  9. Bergen County NJ Mod [WIP]

    We are keeping the old but may have new one as well , we are also gunna have hackensack volunteer as well It's not fog it's snow weather lol
  10. I will find you the article have to find it again lol , but you will see demo vehicles around from what I read
  11. Chp will be getting these as a fact , they still crown vic that's have over 200,000 miles , I have read every article for chp regarding them getting new vehicles, they will be demo vehicles of course but they will get some..
  12. Will you be incorporating this in to the mod to? La has some coming in soon , it's beautiful
  13. [WIP]Western NY Mod

    Sweet boooooy ! Great job
  14. Bergen County NJ Mod [WIP]

    Maybe stay tuned