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    Type in "fairz" and the cheat message should show up in the upper left corner.
  2. Wegberg cannit install

    It means that the installer cannot find a valid installation of Em4 on your PC. The installer is probably doing a false positive. The first thing you can try is manually directing the installer to your Em4 folder if the installer allows you to. The next one is checking regedit to see if there is an entry in there for Em4.
  3. Norway Modification Revamped Support Thread

    Ill check the mod. Despite this little hiccup, I am happy that the download link works at least.
  4. Norway Modification Revamped Support Thread

    Oops. I actually uploaded the three parts to the mod, but forgot the approve the file. I got used to my admin privileges and forgot I was doing this to someone else's file. Check the link out to see if it works on your end.
  5. Whelen ION [Solved]

    You might be looking for this. There have been new lightbars uploaded by other people as well. Check them out.
  6. How to install mods without a .e4mod file

    Copy paste the folder to your Em4 Mods folder.
  7. Looking to start modding

    This video might seem slow paced, but its good for people who arent knowledgeable with computers but want to edit the game's files.
  8. Looking to start modding

    Home is the best place to start with. Your profile picture has a station 61, so that's the set of vehicles you should try to make in the game. Once you settle on a livery or decal you wanna do, start by editing the textures of the vehicles in the LA mod. You need to download this unpacked textures set before you can start modding. Go into paint.net, GIMP or Photoshop and start editing.
  9. Mods wont load in game

    Go to the main menu and check if there's a 1.3 icon on the lower left of your screen. The top header of your main menu also shows the game. It can be either 911 First Responders, Emergency 4, or Emergency 4 Deluxe. Only Emergency 4 (the original base game in German, French or Italian) needs the patch. The other two versions do not need it.
  10. Mods wont load in game

    What version of the game are you running? Some older versions of the game have to be patched to 1.3 for mods to work.
  11. Happy New Year once again. Here's the older Ford Explorer. Its finally done. I still have more models to complete, stay tuned.
  12. Happy New Year! Asking for release dates is against site rules.
  13. That cannot be fixed. Its a problem with certain hardware and can only be corrected by having a dedicated GPU.
  14. Raccoon City for LA mod (under development)

    You may not know this, but Emergency 4 Deluxe has a working Zombie outbreak call. It might suit your mod well.
  15. The 1997/2001 Explorer is the tutorial car found here. The other two losing options will not be made, however you can find a 1996 Jeep in the German forums. It is being worked on as we speak. Tutorial update being worked on too.