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  1. US Army Mod 0.6 [RELEASED]

  2. US Army Mod 0.6 [RELEASED]

    I've encountered a technical problem. I would have posted this on the bugs and issues form, but I couldn't get to it. During the "Truck with explosives approaching base" call, I sent out a Humvee and a truck to intercept it, when the game just crashed. No error message. I am running Em4 on a 32 bit computer with Windows XP. I would appreciate any help on this matter. logfile.txt
  3. [EM4] Los Angeles Mod bugs, issues and problems

    I have noticed a bug where gunfire sound effects are blocked out by a loud beeping sound. The sound is also triggered when you tell an officer to draw their sidearm. This tends to happen after playing the mod for a while. Does anyone know why this happens, or how to fix it?
  4. Em3 Mission Pack Mod

    Thanks, I do intend to make a similar mod for Em4.
  5. em3 la mod freeplay never ending game

    You can edit the Freeplay parameters file located at Program Files/Emergency 3/Data/Specs/freeplayparameters. Once there, you can not only alter the frequency of all freeplay events, you can choose which ones you want more often.
  6. Em3 Mission Pack Mod

    I have started work on a mod for emergency 3, simply called mission pack. This new mod will add at least twenty new missions and 3 new original game themed vehicles. I have already made some progress. Attached right now is the mini-map for the new mission 2. mp02.dds
  7. Em3 is ignoring the "Lang" folder

    I put the files inside the "en" folder inside the lang folder of my mod's folder. Never mind, I found the answer to this problem.
  8. I know Emergency 3 is an older game, but I've been trying to create a mod for it. However, no matter what I try, the game doesn't use anything in the Lang folder I changed, so the briefing I added to a new mission I'm working on does not appear in the game. Instead it is that of the original game mission. I cannot figure out what the problem is. I would appreciate any advice on how to get past this problem.
  9. US Army Modification

  10. Los Angeles Mod v2.5

  11. Emergency Dispatch Simulator

    It must have. But it was there when I posted the link. Sorry.
  12. Steam

    I also have steam, my username is the same as here on em planet.
  13. Emergency Dispatch Simulator

    You can try this one. http://www.emergencysim.com/terms_and_conditions.php
  14. What would you like in Emergency 5?

    Vehicles not crossing railroad crossings when a train is approaching is definitely needed! I can't even count the number of times I lost vehicles that way.
  15. What would you like in Emergency 5?

    They should also include a mission where a tank gets stolen from a military base, like when the M60 Patton was stolen in San Diego in 1995.