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Status Updates posted by Hoppah

  1. Because I'm too busy to reply to messages, I've disabled my personal messenger. I'm sorry if I didn't respond to all your questions.

    1. Gregory M Sherrill

      Gregory M Sherrill

      hoppah do you know where i could find los angles mod v3.0 or v3.1

    2. itfosho


      Hey Hoppah, I would like to use one of your scripts, not sure how I can contact you. :/

    3. Eduardo Favatti

      Eduardo Favatti

      Hoppah can i use some scripts and edit la mod (for personal use) and how i edit scripts and v3o files?

  2. Added limited fuel to helicopters for the US Army mod. Check out the general information topic now! =>

    1. Jennifer93


      Good god whats next lol doing the impossible and making it Possible good work man

    2. sgtmatt325


      I know has might sound off topic but i wonder if you can make a limited fuel script for vehicles and the vehicle has to refill at a gas station but if the vehicle runs out of fuel you can call a tow truck with a engineer inside to refill it.

    3. Handsup!


      Whats next: unit stamina

  3. Wrote a big update post on the army mod. Check out the General information topic now! :)

  4. Released new version of Limited Water Supply mody.

  5. Limited water supply also works in freeplay now. Check out the topic in the 'Modding Related Support' section now!

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    2. Fred03


      \o/\o/\o/ Please continue to do the impossible.

    3. C.F.D
  6. Added limited water supply functionality to the US Army Mod. =>

  7. Just posted some new information about the next version of the US Army Mod! Check out the General Information Topic now. =>

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    2. Fred03


      Of course you went to LA...

    3. Hoppah


      Yes, I've visited LA for the first time

    4. Handsup!


      Wow really? Would of thought you've been there

  8. First update (0.5) released for US Army Mod.

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    2. Handsup!
    3. Tango


      On my laptop, the update's glitched, as it makes EM4 crash to desktop after a minute

  9. Due to a recent release of a popular mod, Emergency-Planet may be kinda slow the coming days. EMP-staff

    1. SuperStumpje


      Dus daarom gat alles zo traag... Ach wel mooi gedaan!

    2. sgtmatt325


      10-4 thanks for the update and Great mod Hoppah i can't stop playing it

    3. Unit 42

      Unit 42

      I didnt know the flatbed truck...was a tow truck lol. blew up 3 cars injuring a GREAT majority of my men

  10. So it begins.. released US Army Mod.

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    2. Hoppah


      Yes, it's time to leave again now.

    3. CFDDIVE11


      Leave for a year then come back and do another mod and then continue the cycle

    4. Handsup!


      The Circle of Hoppah

  11. Hi

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    2. angelrosasfunny


      Hello my name is Angel and I'm from Spain. I've heard so much about you that collaborate in many mods and leave you some very good scripts and I would like to help me mod mod called Malaga

      well I hope you accept my request. Thanks and best regards from Spain

    3. FDNYpower


      hey hoppah i was wondering if i could use the la mod map and the vehicles because im planning to make a Meriden Connecticut modification i might have someone for skinning but im waiting to hear back from them and i would like to use the units to im just going to reskin them please pm me so we can talk about it more

    4. Greg-199


      l.a mod v.2.5 i cant install help

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