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  1. It was deleted in that server failure a while back; I've reuploaded it just now. In case anyone is interested still.
  2. Good news! I found my own backup of the file! I'm uploading it back onto the download, and hopefully that will work again.
  3. Okay, well, there are quite a few issues currently with the software. I'm rewriting it from scratch, covering all bases, to try and ensure there are no more glitches and problems. Problem I'm having - which I am coping with, though - is that I'm a web developer, not a software developer. So I can write this entire thing, fully working, in PHP, but I don't exactly have a full knowlege of VB.net or C#.Net. But I will get it done eventually.
  4. Traffic frequency wasn't something I included in it, although I will be adding it. There are a lot of things that will be different in the new version, for example, presets (hopefully ones you can save), like Low, Medium and High traffic.
  5. Okay. I've not been able to dedicate much time at all to the project, unfortunately, but I'm going to try and do some more work now. So, I shall begin by responding to the recent(ish) replies regarding the Configurator. The Configurator has to be run as Administrator, billyyank, or be given some kind of authority over the files to allow it to edit them. Try running it as Administrator (right click and Run as Administrator), let me know if that works. The next version will launch as Administrator by default. Mod launcher? I absolutely will be including that, in fact, I'm planning on putting one together and releasing that seperately to keep you guys going while I work on the next verson of the Configurator. An event controller? That's not a bad idea, although I'm not sure how to make it. It would require some kind of memory injection, I expect - I'll certainly take a look into it, it might not be possible, but then again it might be. If I can inject the correct thing into the memory it should be able to trigger any event I want. I looked at using scripts for this, but it seems that events are hard-coded into the actual game itself.
  6. Frankly, I'm not even sure how to get in touch with the developers! A plus is that Emergency 3 and later all use the same formats for files, so I could ask the developers of any of the games.
  7. This is a subject I have been researching for a while with no resolution (yet). I've run all kinds of hex editors, disassemblers and encryption crackers on the "packed" files, and I still have no idea what is going on there. I'm hoping to include a tool for batch unpacking/packing, if I can figure out a solution. So, I just want to ask: Does anyone know what algorithm is used to pack and unpack the files in the Emergency series? And, frankly, what one is used for the modifications? If anyone has any clues, suggestions, or ideas, I'd be very interested to hear them, as it would allow me to make a much better set of tools.
  8. As long as they include an editor, I'll be happy.
  9. Hmm, I've had all my college work and everything. Main updates are that I have some new concepts and a new GUI that are in progress, and that I've finally realized that using a big font on a forum looks goofy (hence my normal sized text). All updates will be posted on Twitter with the hashtag #emergency4configurator (which is a very long hashtag XD) EDIT: I noticed that some people have mentioned problems with multiplayer when using this. This is indeed because there is a checksum function to make sure that all players have the same files, preventing crashes. I might try and figure out some kind of synchronisation feature, or something to easily export/import configuration changes - possibly even game profiles. This is all very complicated to code, though.
  10. I'm working on Emergency 4 Configurator again :D

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    2. EmC-Unit


      No it was year ago, but i'm shure after opening file with yuor program i can't play with bud till he send me his (conf file)

    3. Quincy


      Its because it changes the .cfg file and the .xml and multiplayer doesnt allow different changes between players. As long asevery picks the same settings, you will be fine.

    4. Handsup!


      Yea, its not a buggy program

  11. I have been off for quite a while, as I am sure you have noticed, but I am now working on it again. I'm improving a lot of existing elements, like the XML interface, to reduce errors and make it easier for me as a developer. I will be adding the following features (I am designing everything but the UI from scratch: Screen ResolutionCamera AngleMod LauncherFreeplay / Campaign Events and basic parameters (time, budget, earnings)The modding suite... well, that will take a while. I have lots of components for it, like the emergency 4 button generator I coded a while back, but it will be complicated. Please let me know what other things you want to be able to change with the new version of the Emergency 4 Configurator and I will do my best to include them.
  12. Well, first make sure your drivers (and DirectX) are up to date. Can you upload your DXDIAG file? (type DXDIAG into the start menu then click "Save All Information").
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