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  1. You can't go wrong with the LaFrance. Especially since there are already some models out there for EM4. Just my personal opinion. They both look nice though!
  2. I am almost 100% you may have solved my problem. I do have it windowed and will try later to fix the issue.
  3. Not sure what the deal is. But periodically while playing EM4 (any mod), when I scroll towards the bottom of the screen I will see the game mouse and computer mouse appear. When I click, the screen goes black and then minimizes to the desktop. It doesn't so much crash and end the game but I am able to click the icon and go back to the game. Any ideas or suggestions? I'm playing with the suggested graphics for an Intel i5 computer.
  4. Talk about a headache lol. Thanks for the tip!
  5. Sorry if this is in the wrong category. I know Fairfax Mod V3 has some bugs with vehicle parking scripts etc. Has anyone come up with a fix or were they able to fix some of the bugs? I've tried and managed to fix/tweek some minor things. I didn't know if someone had something better or has a fully functional mod. Thanks!
  6. You can go in and edit the parameters under freeplay for Fire/EMS and change the frequency of police events in that to be able to save it.
  7. What is the big deal about it being in caps? Some people naturally type like that and/or helps them see better....
  8. I rarely post but I think it looks great. Reskin or not. Forget his opinion. Every time Mindcat posts its usually something negative anyway!
  9. Yeah, I was thinking the same for mine
  10. Limited Water, Turn the hydrants on, and Call Volunteers in
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