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  1. I agree with Handsup. The modding community for EM4 already has so many great mods that it's really not necessary or wanted to switch to EM5. Modders for EM4 are already familiar with its scripting, models, map editing, and everything in-between. The graphics for EM4 are perfectly fine by my standards especially for the style in which the game is meant to be played. EM5 has made an emphasis on graphical upgrades, which they did, but there are still a lot of issues with the game that have yet to be fixed. There's really no need, unless you're truly a graphics junky, to switch to EM5 when there are many modders/mod teams out there that have a lot of experience with EM4. In my opinion if the marvelous EM4 modders/mod teams do switch over to EM5 we'll have to wait as long as we did to get all the mods for EM4 we have today, but for EM5.
  2. Hey Everyone, I'm sorry to say that I will be stopping work on this Sub-Mod. Zach1019 and myself are starting to work on a mod together that will announced within the next couple of days and I will be devoting all of my resources to helping him with that. That being said, I am releasing the Mod to anyone who wants to work on it. Disregard all of the conditions in the Read Me just make sure you give credit to the model authors as I have done. The only thing you AREN'T allowed to do is re-use my skins in another one of your mods without getting my permission first. The sub-mod is practically done there are just minor bugs and lighting isn't finished except for the ambulance. I appreciate all the support I've gotten all this and hope I'll get the same support for the mod Zach and I will be making. If anyone would like to complete lighting and edit the map and then re-release it, that's totally fine by me. However, you may NOT edit the skins without getting my permission. Best, Phil https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bycw1dhHKFreSkpqQjBsVmJWaEU/view?usp=sharing
  3. As previously posted all beta spots are filled. Please do not clog the thread with this.
  4. Hey everyone, ambulance lighting is finished, the video is below! I'm aware there are a few light issues, but rest assured they will be fixed before release. Enjoy!
  5. Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been extraordinarily busy with school work and extra-curriculars but rest assured this mod is still in progress and has not been forgotten. I'm just now getting into lighting and my two beta testers are fiddling around with the game to see what needs to be fixed. I'm hoping to have a releasable version in 2-3 weeks but no guarantees. The ambulance lights should be finished up tonight and I'll try to get a video posted along with some screenshots of new units. Thanks for all the support and feedback guys, it means a lot!
  6. Here's me, greetings from Louisiana! LSP Tactical Unit: LSP Bearcat: My local PD's SRT:
  7. Thanks! Update: I've got all units finished for the Beta release, I just have to do lighting. I'll be giving out a Pre-Beta shortly to my testers with just the units. However, one hold back I've got right now is scripting. I'm going to have to fiddle with spawn point and fire station start up scripts so that it loads the vehicles I've put in properly however I'm hoping that won't take too long. I've got a good bit of experience editing scripts between EM4 and GTA: SA so I think I should get it but I'd appreciate it if somebody with a lot of EM4 scripting experience could chime in. The game has been crashing when I load the freeplay mode so I removed the LAFireStationStart script and then it would load but once I called in a unit it would crash. I'm hoping somebody can help figure that out with me, if not I'm sure I'll get it no worries. Just thought I'd let y'all know what's going on with the mod. I'll have some screen shots up later tonight. Thanks for all y'alls support!! This issue with scripting has been resolved. As soon as lighting and testing is complete I'll have a releasable Beta! Stay tuned!
  8. I'm looking for 2 Beta testers. If interested please PM me.
  9. Another update! I just made the first EBRSO vehicle which is the transport van. All vans for any purpose (unless it's for SWAT) at the EBRSO don't have lightbars and instead have little hideaways like Whelen M2's and M7's so that's what I did with this. This will probably be the last update for the weekend because I'm going to visit my dad. I might have something out Sunday, but no promises. Thank y'all for your support! Please give me feedback on the van! Update @ 9:09 - I lied, I finished the EBRSO Crown Vic on the plane. Pics are below! Update @ 9:58 - I'm now on a binge of modding so I made the EBR EMS Supervisor Suburban. Pics are below!
  10. Aboslutely, just knocking out all of the vehicle work first!
  11. Alas, another update has arrived! This time we've got Engine 2 (sorry for the low quality texture), HAZMAT 8, and I decided to add the Wildlife Agent truck into the mix of PD units for a little mixup. Lemme know what y'all think! Added @ 10:50 - In game shot of a structure fire. I called three engines, not a ladder because that unit isn't finished yet so I didn't want to include it in the shot.
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