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  1. Hi guys Just installed 911FR on my uni laptop but it doesn't seem to be working! When I go to load a mod, it loads it up instantly, meaning when I go into freeplay, nothing is actually loaded and all vehicles are missing. Help please!
  2. Not sure about US jurisdiction but even the Falklands Police (which has only 18 officers and a population of 3000) has a detective unit.
  3. Copenhagen Mod did it? Although I suppose it wasn't specific events.q
  4. Definitely the in-depth callouts. Montana IMO is built for RPing, you already have different agencies that on a gameplay basis are unnecessary (Volunteers, park ranger, game warden, etc) but wonderful to RP with and provide that a more realistic view of gameplay. Park Rangers also move on illegal campers and those who are posing a threat to the order and general 'niceness' of the forest they patrol,
  5. There's also a Latvia mod around here somewhere, which is obviously very down to earth, gritty ex-soviet style emergency services in a rural area. Might be ideal.
  6. You could always use the assets from other UK-based mods (basically Kent mod), to form your own version. HETOs are found in Kent mod, for example; with a bit of tutorial searching you can add them to London mod, for your own use (you can't release it).
  7. Not to go too off topic, but what do you do in EM4 with no calls?
  8. They won't be releasing any updates or fixes
  9. Hi, what map does this mod use for freeplay? I'd like to make some edits but when I changed the 'freeplay.e4m' map in the editor nothing changed in game? Cheers P.S. I have made a Royal Military Police skin for the car to replace the sort of incorrect MDP if I would be able to release it to anyone interested?
  10. I get that too. If it means there are more features, then a new system would be cool.
  11. Hi guys. I'm gonna be giving away a copy of Space Engineers for Steam, obviously this'll only be given away if there's a decent enough amount of people. Pick any number from 1-30. Winner announced in 3 days.
  12. Make sure you press back to hospital, as opposed to back to HQ.
  13. Ah, no, I meant, as opposed to running!
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