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  1. Short lighting showcase of the Westershire Air Ambulance's rapid response vehicle with its new livery and lighting setup, i wanted to make a Christmas tree. The Westershire Air Ambulance is one of two air ambulance charities that will be playable in the mod. The WAA has one RRV and 2 helicopters and Airmedix has 1 helicopter and 1 RRV.
  2. Kent (UK) Mod (Dev Release)

    Make sure the vehicles engine has been switched on, if it has and it’s still not working try restarting the game and loading the mod before doing anything else.
  3. The station in map is supposed to be a fully retained station however in game there may be fire crews there if I can’t get a retained script to work.
  4. A short video of a barn fire in the mod, please keep in mind this is a very early version of the mod.
  5. Quick update for everyone, I am still working on the mod but due to being busy with work I have been unable to get any videos/pictures however the mod is still progressing at a steady pace, I hope to upload a video soon.
  6. RLC and RAF bomb disposal will be included along with a police bomb disposal team, the mustang will be included, mustangs are normally used as press cars but this is used by the ANPR intercept team.
  7. Thank you, my plan is to hopefully get all the vehicles finished by the end of January so I can move onto another part.
  8. UPDATE: DIM Unit lighting Demo:
  9. No, in the mod there will be VW ambulances along with Sprinters and a Fiat Ducato variant.
  10. Westershire fire and rescue command unit lighting demo:
  11. The county has just closed a deal with VW for some new ambulances, they are getting emergency ambulance, bariatric ambulance and a Incident support unit variants, here is the lighting on some of them.
  12. Thank you and I appreciate the support
  13. Hello all, I want to announce my new mod that I am working on, the mod is set in the fictional county of Westershire on the east coast of England, this mod contains many units and a custom map, I plan on releasing the mod in the first or second quarters of 2018 if all goes to plan. I have also created a mock council website for the local government, rather than post pictures here at the moment (I will upload them when I get chance) I will post this website: https://westershirecouncil.wixsite.com/home I hope you like the look of the mod and if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

    What are you going to be doing on the project, no one is just going to make a mod for you