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  1. I’m not sure if it’s an early version of this mod that was released or another updated units LA mod but some of the vehicles especially some of the police cars go way too fast, almost like playing the game on triple speed. Are the speeds of the units the same as the original LA mod?
  2. I’m not sure if I have missed it further up. Will the LAX Vehicles be included? Engine, Ambo, Crash Truck etc
  3. The mod is looking great. Been playing a lot of the LA Mod recently so I am definitely looking forward to this. Is the plan at the moment to just update all units that are currently in the game? Or will you be adding new and more units like Calfire?
  4. Highways will be in the game. I actually have several highways vehicles that have never been showed off. There will be hazmat calls. To what extent I don’t know. Coast Guard won’t be playable in the first version due to it being a inland map however lowland search and rescue will be available.
  5. Hello everyone. It has been a while since I have updated people on the progress of the mod. Truth is I have been burnt out from nodding and playing EM4 in general. When you are making a mod day in day out it just becomes tiresome and repetitive. My my plan is still to release the mod eventually but when that will be I don’t know and I don’t really want to give approximate release dates because of this. I have started to play EM4 again and I hope to get back into modding soon so hopefully I can post some progress in the near future. thank you for the continued support and interest and hopefully you will see something more soon. TACRfan
  6. If you highlight the unit/units and press Shift+B it should turn off the lights.
  7. Yeah sorry for the delay, I have just been incredibly busy and haven’t really had time to work on it.
  8. I dont plan on making early releases as i want it fully working before release, im not sure on release date now as i have hit some problems but it will (Eventually) be released
  9. I’m sure you will be fine Sorry I thought I replied but it didn’t send. If you go into your steam folder and then navigate to your steam apps and common folders and find either emergency 4 or 911 first responders, click on that and then you will see a mods and a data folder, click on the mods folder and you will then need to drag the unzipped Norfolk and Suffolk V2 mod folder into there.
  10. I personally think a tanker that size should hold about 13,000 litres (not too sure but I think that is about 3000 gallons) as that is what I would expect to see of a tanker that size
  11. Some people want AAA development of mods, they expect mods to brought out as quickly as updates for a AAA game like GTA, they forget that not all of us have any background in game development (For example I have no background in coding, moddeling etc, I have had to learn through this game) and that there isn’t a huge team of many people working on these things. If you release early with bugs you just end up getting chased for fixes or moaned at about it (even though a lot of the time they are the ones who pushed you to release early). Back on topic, what capacity is that Beaverhead tanker you posted above Itch.
  12. Thank you. I would have screenshots to show you all but unfortunately I am just trying to get vehicles added to the call out menu which isn’t going as well as I had hoped but that does mean that there isn’t much I can show.
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