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  1. I’m not 100% sure on how hospitals in small towns work in the US but I think in terms of that list of things this is what I would want to see. A community medical centre I would say it would be privately owned A small ER, 3-4 beds, some general treatment rooms and the usual other types of rooms, Drugs storeroom, toilets, waiting area etc. I like the idea of the off map major trauma centre.
  2. Thank you Thank you, I will be working on the radiation on vehicles when i have chance.
  3. Top one is 1800 bottom one is 3000 If Water is a real concern you could always go for a semi tanker set up, I’m sure it could be done in a similar way to tillers. This one holds 5000 https://goo.gl/images/EcgojJ
  4. I kind of like these two https://goo.gl/images/wCw52w https://goo.gl/images/bkkDMz
  5. I am hoping to make it possible to get ground monitors from Water Carriers, Water Tender Ladders and maybe operational support units.
  6. Amity Island Modification

    I have to say I am amazed, this look seriously good and I can’t wait to play it, possible one of the top North American or even mods in general?
  7. Kent (UK) Mod (Dev Release)

    The game does this, because of the size of the mod it can take 5-10 minutes to load, just wait and don’t click and then it will load. The reason it didn’t load before is because you didn’t have any models which take up the most memory.
  8. Kent (UK) Mod (Dev Release)

    It appears that the mod wasn’t installed correctly as your models appear to be missing, try and install the mod again, make sure to extract it from the rar file.
  9. Mission Chief alliance (worldwide coverage)

    Hello all. I would like to bring your attention to our community 999 First Responders. 999FR is a alliance in mission chief with over 430 million earned credits, we accept members from all over the world and pride ourselves on being a friendly community where enthusiast of the game and/or the emergency services can join and talk to people with similar interests. One of our main features of the mission chief alliance is our rules on station placement, we only allow stations to be built in realistic locations and we only allowed one person per area (unless the person in that area allows someone else to share). We also don’t allow overlapping of stations, this allows us to have more realistic mutual aid responses. Although our name is 999 First Responders we don’t just accept members from the UK, we have a member base from all over the world. (Listed below are all the taken areas at the time of writing this). AREAS TAKEN IN ENGLAND Norfolk Suffolk Essex Cambridgeshire Bedfordshire Hertfordshire Lincolnshire London Northamptonshire Greater Manchester County Durham & Darlington Cleveland North Yorkshire Hampshire Kent Sussex Tyne & Wear Northumberland Buckinghamshire Shropshire Staffordshire Merseyside Herefordshire Worcestershire West Midlands Surrey Oxfordshire Plymouth South Hams Torby Leicestershire Warwickshire Derbyshire West Yorkshire Stoke-On-Trent Isle of Wight Humberside Gloucestershire Avon AREAS TAKEN IN SCOTLAND Western Delivery Area (AREAS MAY BE AVAILABLE WITHIN) Eastern Delivery Area (AREAS MAY BE AVAILABLE WITHIN) Northern Delivery Area (ALL AREAS ARE AVAILABLE) AREAS TAKEN IN WALES Flintshire (North) Mid & West South AREAS TAKEN IN IRELAND Central Delivery Area (ALL AREAS ARE AVAILABLE) AREAS TAKEN IN NORTH AMERICA Baltimore City/County. Maryland Durham Region. Ontario Toronto. Ontario York Region. Ontario Peel Region. Ontario Waterloo Regional Municipality. Ontario Deptford. New Jersey Gloucester County. New Jersey Wisconsin (State) Volusia County. Florida San Diego. California South Bend. Indiana Buffalo. New York Winslow Township. New Jersey Montgomery County. Maryland Grant County. Washington Calgary. Alberta Long Branch. New Jersey San Jose. California Watauga, Texas Pierce County, Washington Nottoway County, Virginia Mecklenburg County, Virgina Virginia Beach, Virginia LA City LA County Whitley County, Indiana Beaufort County, South Carolina Bowie County, Texas Texarkana, Arkansas Peonix, Arizona Kosciusko County, Indiana Long Island, New York AREAS TAKEN IN THE REST OF THE WORLD Madrid. Spain Brisbane. Australia Gibraltar Barbados Reykjavik, Iceland You might have noticed me referring to the alliance as a community, this is because we aim not just to provide an alliance but a community for members, we have a discord server for members where we discuss emergency services to modding in other games. We also play other games from time to time and are always looking to expand to other areas.If you are interested in joining you can find the alliance on the first page of the alliance list, or you can click the link below. Once there just apply and one of our staff team will be in touch. We only request that you read the rules and pick an area that is not currently occupied (occupied areas are displayed on the main page of the alliance). Link to the alliance:missionchief.com/alliances/172
  10. Short lighting showcase of the Westershire Air Ambulance's rapid response vehicle with its new livery and lighting setup, i wanted to make a Christmas tree. The Westershire Air Ambulance is one of two air ambulance charities that will be playable in the mod. The WAA has one RRV and 2 helicopters and Airmedix has 1 helicopter and 1 RRV.
  11. Kent (UK) Mod (Dev Release)

    Make sure the vehicles engine has been switched on, if it has and it’s still not working try restarting the game and loading the mod before doing anything else.
  12. The station in map is supposed to be a fully retained station however in game there may be fire crews there if I can’t get a retained script to work.
  13. A short video of a barn fire in the mod, please keep in mind this is a very early version of the mod.
  14. Quick update for everyone, I am still working on the mod but due to being busy with work I have been unable to get any videos/pictures however the mod is still progressing at a steady pace, I hope to upload a video soon.
  15. RLC and RAF bomb disposal will be included along with a police bomb disposal team, the mustang will be included, mustangs are normally used as press cars but this is used by the ANPR intercept team.