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  1. Kent (UK) Mod (Dev Release)

    I will be able to get it for you when I am at my PC, out of curiosity what makes you want 0.6
  2. Kent (UK) Mod (Dev Release)

    This is to everyone, as I have said before I am currently taking a break from the mod however one detail I can give about the next version is I plan to get the call out menu fully working
  3. Kent (UK) Mod (Dev Release)

    Because I removed the ability from the ambulance due to the call out menu not really working 100% I didn't want people to loose there ambulances when sending them off map
  4. I will release future versions, at the moment I am working on a new project which is secret at the moment but should be public in a maximum of a couple of months, what I really want is to find a Volvo model for the Fire trucks, unfortunately there doesn't appear to be one out there with a British style back.
  5. Kent (UK) Mod (Dev Release)

    Yes and no, unfortunately it is very hard to integrate the Stryker script to work with on map hospitals so you can not dend them to hospital with it. You can send them off map though
  6. Parkshire Mod - (Fictional - Private)

    Looking good, can't wait to see some more pictures
  7. What game am i thinking of?

    I agree with above, I think you are thinking of (the English language version) , as Scott said this game uses open street maps unless you have the android app which is google maps, or the IOS app which uses Apple maps
  8. Try this, I made it for the Kent mod but it's the same for the Norfolk and Suffolk mod, just ignore the map file bit towards the end.
  9. Can you talk me through what happens right before the crash and could you tell me what graphics card you have
  10. I would love to see them, i took a few when i was last there but i would like to see your pics
  11. The mod doesn't use the mod installer, you have to manually drag it into your directory
  12. When you launch the game and click the modifications button on the home screen does it show up?
  13. After unzipping the mod file, move the file into your mods folder, then when you load up the game click modifications and then it should be there
  14. Walk me through what you did step by step
  15. It shouldn't rain as much as the London mod and there are less things on the map so it should be ok.!Nw5TXb4J!ZXBfIsoF_mqU_ZR9MjBQ4lpXi4udLa_NhmRptCnFeNk That is V2 correct link, i will now be updating the front page.