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  1. Kent (UK) Mod (Dev Release)

    Work will still be continuing after i finish with my latest project, i have big plans for the future though
  2. Finland Mod (Private for now)

    Looks pretty nice, looking forward to seeing more screenshots
  3. Kent (UK) Mod (Dev Release)

    Thank you so much for your support. I will definitely take those two scripts into consideration for the next version. Short update for everyone, I am over the half way point with my new project (information coming soon) and then when that's released I will begin working on a new version, I am using this new project as a way to learn new things some of which i hope to bring to the next version of this mod. Thank you everyone for your continued support and I hope you are all looking forward to the next version, that leads me onto a question, what unique areas do you like on a map, things such as container ports, music festivals, markets etc what areas would you like to see on the map in the next version of the Kent mod.
  4. Turn down brightness

    I will have to experiment with it
  5. Is there a way to turn down the brightness of vehicles for example i am having to use grey instead of white when making skins, i think its to do with HD resolutions
  6. Amity Island Modification

    Wow this looks good, can't wait to see more
  7. Kent (UK) Mod (Dev Release)

    Here is a link to 0.6.2 https://mega.nz/#!kxhiDB5a!Uwp0B5fS1D_-GItXbeOPekCkehTMPazZRERUTTVaJaU
  8. Kent (UK) Mod (Dev Release)

    I will be able to get it for you when I am at my PC, out of curiosity what makes you want 0.6
  9. Kent (UK) Mod (Dev Release)

    This is to everyone, as I have said before I am currently taking a break from the mod however one detail I can give about the next version is I plan to get the call out menu fully working
  10. Kent (UK) Mod (Dev Release)

    Because I removed the ability from the ambulance due to the call out menu not really working 100% I didn't want people to loose there ambulances when sending them off map
  11. I will release future versions, at the moment I am working on a new project which is secret at the moment but should be public in a maximum of a couple of months, what I really want is to find a Volvo model for the Fire trucks, unfortunately there doesn't appear to be one out there with a British style back.
  12. Kent (UK) Mod (Dev Release)

    Yes and no, unfortunately it is very hard to integrate the Stryker script to work with on map hospitals so you can not dend them to hospital with it. You can send them off map though
  13. Parkshire Mod - (Fictional - Private)

    Looking good, can't wait to see some more pictures
  14. What game am i thinking of?

    I agree with above, I think you are thinking of www.missionchief.com (the English language version) , as Scott said this game uses open street maps unless you have the android app which is google maps, or the IOS app which uses Apple maps