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  1. Carnide Mod - Fictional [PRIVATE]

    Actually, MikeyPI did the Skoda Octavia model and I also agree with emsfan112 regarding the skin, try it out.
  2. Fire Dept. Boston`s Showroom

    That looks badass! Excelent work!
  3. Hradecko Mod (CZ) WIP

    Awesome stuff! I rarely say this, but I'm really looking forward for this one! Keep it up! If you need anything, don't hesitate to PM me or something.
  4. Showroom

    Thank you! Your work is exceptional as well, keep it up! Thanks! I'm still considering that option, but since they're supposed to work in a generally hot environment I thought of leaving them with short sleeves to do something different.
  5. Showroom

    Awesome stuff! I did this with my Riot Squad officers... Better helmet, visor up, some nice gas mask variants and another with beret. This is private, BTW.
  6. Santa Catarina Modification (In Progress)

    Great work! Loving the variety of scripts and different equipment! (I also like how much of that equipment relates to our Portuguese fire services)
  7. Not here anymore

    Hi. I removed the download link temporarily, until you post proper credits for the authors (Egmond, Amsterdam & Netherlands Mod aren't enough). A small tip would be to make a compilation of all the individual authors who contributed to this modification with their content, once that's done just send me a PM and I'll reupload the link for you. Good luck.
  8. RSB Simulator 2014 - Emergency 4 [V3 WIP]

    Thanks guys. I really appreciate your support. For now, I can only say that progress may get a bit slower since I'm struggling with some ideas. New content is guaranteed and I will, hopefully, update you in a few days.
  9. Miami Modification [WIP NOW!]

    Nice one! I always find prisoner vans specially hard to do due to the lack of reference pictures and/or ideas most of the time...
  10. The Skinning Contest 2.0

    Nice work guys. Here's my fictional Battalion Chief: custom model changed by me. Regular Duty and Fire PPE versions.
  11. Rockport mod

    Nah. It's ded. ... I killed it.
  12. RSB Simulator 2014 - Emergency 4 [V3 WIP]

    Aftermath of a violent fight in the school, several emergency services at the scene. School Safety Police units were the first to arrive at the scene (Peugeot 306), which immediately called police backup and the nearest ambulance (fictional box ambulance from RSB Lisboa). When they arrived at the scene, they requested another ambulance and a emergency doctor, given the severity of the injuries. A little teaser from my latest - and slow - work. Also added some radio ambient sounds for immersion.
  13. Extra textures folder when installing mod?

    Correct. I used custom coronas, so I added the Textures folder with the extra texture files, so that everything works fine.
  14. New ELS For Emergency 4

    I second this ^ They look good, with the camera hack at night but I'm pretty sure that during day and with the EM4 default zoom, the lights are gonna be invisible and the only thing you gonna see is the radiation. Good effort, though.
  15. Seixal Mod - MS Version (W.I.P.)

    Nice work! Can't wait to see the reworked map textures.