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  1. My W1 Lightbar - Standby

    Its looking good man. You're slowly progressing and getting better. Tip: If you want to have some rounded edges, you can use the bevel tool on edges to round them off. There are many different ways of UV mapping in blender and adding materials. I suggest learning or taking a dip into all of them!
  2. E-One Quest Pumper

    Where do ya find your pics for the skins? Google?
  3. My First Ever Modeled Light Bars

    If you were going for the NFS look i think you hit it on the head! As you keep continuing to model in blender, you will get better. It took me a good 6 months on and off to really start getting good at it. It gets frustrating so there are breaks sometimes but you will get better at it just don't give up.
  4. Looking great boys. Cant wait for us to finish the rest of the stuff
  5. C.F.D. if you would, message me since you are currently not receiving messages sent to you. Thanks
  6. [WIP] Los Angeles Mod 2017

    After a short hiatus from the project, were back in full force! Here's what's new! Be sure to check out our Trello page @ https://trello.com/b/q9Wi7LJZ/los-angeles-mod-2017-dev There you can find more pictures and see what were currently working on and plan to. It changes pretty much every day with things being added and completed! Since returning we have re-edited the textures for the 2007 Pierce Arrow XT and completed Fire Station 89. Stay tuned for more updates! Trello Page: https://trello.com/b/q9Wi7LJZ/los-angeles-mod-2017-dev
  7. [WIP] Los Angeles Mod 2017

    It's been a busy week for us with a lot of progress being made! Here's a quick update of what's been completed in the past week! Be sure to check out our Trello page @ https://trello.com/b/q9Wi7LJZ/los-angeles-mod-2017-dev There you can find more pictures and see what were currently working on and plan to. It changes pretty much every day with things being added and completed! This week we completed our 2007 Pierce Arrow XT Engine, and made a significant amount of progress on our first new fire station! Stay tuned for more updates! Trello Page: https://trello.com/b/q9Wi7LJZ/los-angeles-mod-2017-dev
  8. Authors of the forum/mod- Stevenew95 and Engine81 Los Angeles, California is home to around 4,031,000 people and answer more than 2,000,000 calls for service each year. As Los Angeles grows, so will it's need for emergency services and cutting edge vehicles and technology. From the early 1870's when LA acquired its first Amoskeag fire engine and a hose jumper to the present where they have just purchased their new US&R Pierce along with several others, to a 1973 LAPD AMC Matador police vehicle now a 2016 Ford Interceptor Utility. The ever changing life and hazards requires a well updated fleet for every emergency or technical service of Los Angeles and, we believe that it is time for an update to the fleet! Without further adieu, Welcome to the Official forum for the Los Angeles Mod 2017! We have a lot in mind for this mod such as new units, buildings, updated lights, textures, new fire stations, new sirens, new dispatches, and possibly new scripts. As with any other mod, we ask that you please refrain from asking for release dates, and such. We do however encourage positive criticism, feedback, and support from the community. Thank you all for making this community a great place and thank you to the modders for opening up doors and releasing your own mods to further better the community. Check out our Trello page to see all of the things planned, whats in progress, and what needs to be done! We will continue to update the post as we see fit but the Trello page will be updated the most frequent. https://trello.com/b/q9Wi7LJZ/los-angeles-mod-2017-dev DISCLAIMER: This modification has no set release date. We will never steal any models, scripts, textures, or any game related files that belong to another author without the actual consent from said individual. Any post from the author or team member regarding the modification has no reflection on emergency-planet or its affiliates. The author and its team members take no responsibility for content posted to the forum that is not from said members or authorized individuals for example but not limited to; foul language, modification files, texture files, scripts, v3o files, harassment, or any other demeaning behavior. We take no responsibility for any damage caused to your computer or any devices. All pictures, videos, and updated are all still a work in progress and are subject to change at any point in time.
  9. New Tiller Issues

    The one from the menu. I have made a new cab model, and it works in game fine, it just doesn't pull the trailer in with it once i call it in. @itchboy I can stop tagging you if you are watching by the way. Figured it would just alert you when i tag you
  10. New Tiller Issues

    Is there a script that i can copy out of one of the scripts to run it? or am i going to have to make it myself? Because once i make that object in game-(could be like literally ANYTHING right?) i need to have a script recognize that object or will it already do it? @itchboy P.S. sorry if i seem stupid man lol just trying to learn this
  11. New Tiller Issues

    Shouldnt that technically already be in the map? Considering the old tiller pulled the trailer in, it had to have the same things right? and, once i create an object in the map, does it matter where it goes? This is all way more in depth than i thought it might be! @itchboy
  12. New Tiller Issues

    Im not terrible at scripts but im not the best either.(Even though this script language is quite easy) Im still trying to figure all of this out but im not sure what im missing. I see the tiller check in the fp_freeplay but, im not sure what i need to do from there. Im assuming it is pulling the object from a list somewhere from what i can see but im not sure where that is even if im correct. @itchboy
  13. New Tiller Issues

    I'm not trying to spawn the vehicle at start, as of right now im only wanting it to come into the game with the trailer. Right now it only will come in the game with the cab when i call it. Unless this would accomplish this as well. @itchboy
  14. New Tiller Issues

    Shouldn't that already be referenced in the script for the current tiller trailer? I have only changed the cab(changing trailer soon) unless that is what you are referring to. I have attached the command to the cab GetDummyTrailer(i believe that is it) and it still does not pull it into game. @itchboy
  15. New Tiller Issues

    Upon creating a new model for the tiller, i have placed it in-game to act as the new cab for the old trailer and cab. Upon replacing the files that i needed to, the cab is in-game and functioning but when i call it into game, it is not pulling the trailer with it. I believe all of my scripts are in order, my protype has all of the right commands, even copied them exactly from the old prototype to make sure i had the same things. I have exhausted all of my options and i know some other people that have had these issues as well. The only other person that i have seen successfully do this would be @itchboy in one of his youtube videos. If any knows why it is not pulling the trailer into game I would much appreciate it if you could let me know. If not, we will have to drop it for an upcoming mod(SECRET right now). Thanks. @Hoppah i know you havent been around but if you see this, lend some light on this issue for me.