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  1. Long time no see folks. How are ya

  2. [Released] Manhattan Modification Standard Definition Project

    yay Dyson, first of all I appreciate your efforts to bring a standart version of v3. Unfortunately, I used to download well at MEGA, however it started to stop downloading when it comes to %10..13..17...etc. I tried everything. used different browsers (Mozilla, Chrome, Opera). I registered to the site but noway. Can you please help me out? at least another link. regards Cheers.
  3. Finally in home...I will miss Russia!!!

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    2. EmC-Unit


      If they are gays, thats may be true, there are many street crime.

      Once i saw on TV eng show witch was telling that M16 is better than AK-47.

      Always belive what you see on tv :)

    3. Semper Fidelis

      Semper Fidelis

      ahahah...I dunno the gays but the night life and the rusky girls were awesome :D

    4. Handsup!


      when i say not nice i mean the puke all over the place, haha

  4. Mod CSP 4.1 [French Mod]

    Seems like an awsome mod but What I'm gonna do with the two ra files named PERSONNAGES and UNIT ? thx
  5. Mod CSP 4.1 [French Mod]

    me too...any other link available?
  6. Montana Mod v2.1 (In Development) Download link removed by Authors

    I could start downloading it after changing DNS. Awesome Mod Bama. You've made a great job there.
  7. The Midlands Modification [Released 1.0]

    that's it!!! How's the progress on upload then?
  8. The Midlands Modification [Released 1.0]

    thx. really appreciated by what you doin
  9. The Midlands Modification [Released 1.0]

    your my man!!! (do you have the montana mod?)
  10. The Midlands Modification [Released 1.0]

    thanks man. That means a lot. Pardon my excitement but when do you gonna upload it ?
  11. The Midlands Modification [Released 1.0]

    Daniel, it'd be awesome if you upload the patched mod
  12. The Midlands Modification [Released 1.0]

    Thank you fellas. That'd really help to my problem...