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  1. you need to adjust where they spawn at.
  2. not to go off topic but you guys seem a little judgemental. there obviously is one person interested in this, they want to do it. dont be so negitive and point out that this is stupid or dumb, pointless or anything else. maybe he wants to learn a little modding to help himself out to enjoy the game. this community is supportive, so be supportive. back on topic. you could always use whats there and see what you can come up with. you could also use some downloadable vans that are in the CCC mod and skin them to whatever news agency you like. you really dont need to reskin anyone, reporters dress like you and me on the street most of the time.
  3. I have finished overhauling one complete side of the map. i think i like the look and have started reworking what i have changed in the other side. when i finish in the editor i will play the map and take some screens of what i have and release a demo of the map. thanks for the support and have a nice day.
  4. there are a lot of plans for this submod and i plan on doing a lot of them. i dont know about a sheriff station but a substation might be a good idea. when i get finished setting the map pieces out i will release this map as just a map preview so you can see the map in action. it should be compatable with LA Mod 2.0 and 2.1 but i do not guarante anything. i will test it one of these days on 2.1, but for now its for 2.0.
  5. that looks nice, about time some dodge stuff gets out there, lol
  6. are you running the editor in admin mode? are you sure its the right map?
  7. if you know a lot about computers you might go to your BIOS screen and see if you can allocate more memory for the on board video card.
  8. that is the speed of the vehicle, and the f.....i dont know, maybe its in feet like 8 feet a sec.
  9. lovin the look of the firestation, keep up the good work and enjoy the vacation.
  10. i have accepted (for now) the look of the floor and have it inserted into the editor. the map is the old freeplay map with the new firestation added and moved along with the old second firestation moved. there is a lot to move around and adjust in the editor. i plan on reworking all the wrecks to scale them down (except a few) and make it a fun map. it will resemble the old map mostly but as i work on placement and additions it will slowly evolve into something else. sleep now and as i work on stuff i will post up some pics. please be patient and be ready to enjoy.
  11. the stations are the original stations from the LA Mod. They will be reskinned to look as i want them too. i would not have dreamed that the map floor would take this long, but i should have guessed since the only places that i am keeping the same are the main firestation and the police station. right now i am putting the final touches on the hospital. i am using the big hospital from the newest version of the map. then it is onto the actual objects and such on the map. when i get into the editor i will be sure to post pictures up so you all can see what is going on.
  12. with the jumpers once they jump onto the pad, there should be no apprehension cause it completes the mission. i think somewhere they mentioned the buggy tow trucks but im not sure.
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