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  1. Rettungstier when you have time could do a tutorial on how to start basics maps th EFT files excreta thanks. 

  2. Rettungstier  whats up I just had a question about maps. I was trying to work on a new map from EM4  missions map 20 is there anyway to fix the textures or a convector that unlock EFT file or EM4 files, or do have to start from scratch with new maps?  I clead up most of maps  VO  added some streets paths going to fix  all new paths excreta.   

  3. cops is right! the language is messed up! i don't know what the parameters are called but it's somet like this check the base folder "lang" and which language is represented there with an extra folder (for german it's GER or DE i think). then open the main config file where you edit the camera specs too, search the document for "lang" i.e. and change the value to the name of the folder you looked up before. example: lang "EN" -> change to -> lang "DE" hope that helped
  4. if you're looking for firetruck blueprints, try the official websites of the manufacturers (pierce, etc.). sometimes you can download free blueprints or brochures where blueprints are included! EDIT: just tried the pierce website! still available. if you can't find it. try "new deliveries". always found some there
  5. i welcome all the support, wishes and thoughts spent on this event and i appreciate your guys condolence. don't mean to be rude, but i don't think a emergency game mod topic is the right place to discuss or to share your sympathy - just because this is a canadian modification. if the rest of the team is okay with that go on, it just kinda feels like the wrong place for me. anybody is free to open a new thread in another subforum here to show their respect, support and thoughts. maybe it's just a "cultural thing". i do not mean to offend anyone with this post and btw... referring a release delay to this attack is really inappropriate behavior that, even with the darkest sense of humor, is NOT funny at all!
  6. i'd recommend to go to the german em4 fanforum webdisk and load some of the village stuff they got there! there are some nice models of older houses, tractors and halls for cattle etc.
  7. Id say just copy the protos since they contain information bout the lights, that's what you wanna test and what can be copied easily! I would not spend so much time on actually fitting the lights to the LA mod sized vehicles again since that has nothing to do with the performance tests you're looking for with that beta. even if the lights are not placed at the exact spot on the vehicle and end up flying in the air over it you could test performance with that. don't try to make it look good unnecessarily is all i'm saying i could be wrong though ....
  8. Version 1.5


    This map features a countryside with a small village Size: freeplay map (8192x8192) Features: - countryside with a small village in european style - narrow roads - spaces for lots of farm houses - free space to add a lake, forest, whatever you like - main road on top with connection to village, ideal for car accident mission map scenarios The file "mapname.zip" contains a zipped *.PNG file The file "mapnamejpeg.zip" contains a zipped *.JPEG file When unpacking the *mapnamejpeg.zip files the archive might contain a folder called "_MACOSX". You can simply ignore or delete it! All you need is the map texture called "mapname.png" / "mapnamejpeg.jpeg" ! legal notice you are allowed to change, share and download the map texture. parts of the map might be copy and used for your own projects, as long as the author "rettungstier" is mentioned under screenshots or gameplay presentations. use for Emergency 4 (deluxe) only! map parts used from: - Emergency 4 standard maps - cgtextures.com - rettungstier
  9. do you mean the map proportions? in pixels? cause "heightmap" has nothin to do with the textures if it's about the height and length of the texture you could create an empty file (with a size that em4 tolerates like 8192x8192, 72dpi for freeplay) with the graphics program of your choice and then import the map texture to it, save and export to tga again. ahhhh cops, pm me buddy! i idk what you're talking about NOTE on PVC stuff: before getting another pm i'd like to say that i already thought about releasing more stuff from my Palm View County mod, such as vehicle skins and building models. i'll announce the release in this topic later EDIT village map available for DL
  10. yup, got another feedback on that too. i'm now re-uploading all the textures as jpeg files compressed to zip but with the standard application on my mac. the files then can be found in the same DL entry in the webdisk. just hit "download", then "agree & download"and choose the download called "_mapname_jpeg.zip". should be the smaller file too. there might be a folder called "_MACOSX" in it -> ignore and/or delete it! the file you need will be the *.jpeg file did honestly not imagine so much trouble with uploading some stupid files
  11. desktop/ windows button or start button (depending on the os you're using)/ programs or all programs/ sixteenton entertainment/ emergency folder/ uninstall OR windows explorer: c:/ programs/ sixteen tons entertainment/ emergency folder/ uninstall is what i'm talking about ^^
  12. on the stretcher: does the paramedic still have the command for entering vehicles after he put the stretcher in or is it gone?
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