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  1. Intresting idea for a mod,looking forward to seeing the texture on the ambulance,
  2. Sorry guys i've not been very active and have had almost no time what so ever to work on the mod but now for the next few months,I have some free time and hope to continue the work here's W.I.P shot of the re-make of the Ford Transit Connect... Texture is coming soon... I'm also in need of help so if anyone is intrested please send me a PM. Thanks Bazz.
  3. Volvo V70 Model:David Texture:Bazz
  4. Weekly Update Here's your weekly update: I've been busy making some stuff for the fire service and now about to make some textures i will post some pictures a bit later here's some screens for you to look at BMW Model:Mainzibaer Texture:Bazz BMW Unmarked Model:Mainzibaer Texture:Bazz Skoda Model::Daivd Texture:Bazz Should have the scania textured and ready soon Thanks Bazz
  5. I've been very busy lately but now have time to continue with the mod as i said before all models will be re made here's a little something I've been working on the last few hours. I'm also in need of help as I'm a one man army at the moment i have most of the skills needed but work will be slow if your interested please PM Me. Thanks Bazz
  6. Not Been Very Active Lately Been Busy With Life So Mod Has Stopped But Now I'm Back A Full Re Make Of The Mod Will Be Under Way Expect Updates Soon (All Models Seen In Pictures Are Old)
  7. Arfter A Long Break I'm Back :)

  8. bazz

    Madrid Mod

    Love All The Units
  9. bazz

    Rundefjord Mod

    Not Bad Likeing It So Far
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