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  1. Hey man I saw on youtube a guy who made a map for your mod I do not know if you've talked to him or already know this but I was wondering when will release this map if u know, the mod will get much top, and also a command to patrol.
    Hopefully u did not ask too much or bothered you

  2. Dude, I spoke with Rafael about the site, and said it was to talk to you, well, I'm always following you, and I realized that this site with some "delay" if you are having difficulties or lack of people to help, maybe I could help you on site, I know this very subject, await response, something tells me! Thanks

  3. Cara precisa de ajuda no site? Sei mecher em arquivos de web e criaçao de sites, seria muito bom ajudar voces

  4. Q.R.A.

    Nice! You guys have done a great job so far... keep it up!
  5. some of my cool UK police cars

    After a long wait you finally decide to share them publically... and once again, they look awesome! Good job mate...
  6. São Paulo Modification (Available for download)

    Not at this very stage, as we are currently focusing on the essential units first. As to the Choque units, yes, in fact, they have already been added in if I'm correct.
  7. Emergency 4 Raccoon city

    This is incredible man, did you make this? I'm impressed <br /><br /><br />He's probably talking about the background music....
  8. Emergency-Planet & Deep Silver

    I’ve got to say that this sounds excellent Stan! Good job on making thisactually come about...
  9. São Paulo Modification (Available for download)

    Yeah, that's definitely what's causing it, I'll try changing it... The odd thing is, it seems to work perfectly fine over here... Thanks again
  10. São Paulo Modification (Available for download)

    Odd, never had this problem before. But Thanks for reporting this. Can you remember which car is causing this, or is it all of them? I'll take a look at it.
  11. São Paulo Modification (Available for download)

    Alpha version is now available for download, see first post for more details.
  12. Version


    São Paulo Modification------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ version: Alpha v0.1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ produced by: Emergency-Brasil.com Modding Team - Rafael (Rafael) - Luisinho (Luis) - Fabio101 (Fabio) - rockerboy (Juliano)------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ our website: http://spmod.emergency-brasil.com/------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ credits: - Hoppah (Scripts: Warning Lights, Flashing Lights, Sirens, etc...) - Newfoundking (Light editing) - Conror (Light editing) - Woltep (Armed Arrest Script) If by any chances you have contibuted in the making of this mod somehow, and I forgot to include your name in the list above. Please let us know by contacting us on the email displayed below.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ contact: spmod@emergency-brasil.com If you wish to contact us regarding this mod, please don't hesistate to do so. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  13. São Paulo Modification (Available for download)

    Thanks, And yes, the ladder does work. Haven't you seem our previous update?
  14. São Paulo Modification (Available for download)

    07-03-10 - Here's a quick update on our vehicles and personnels.