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  1. In future versions how are you going to update the hoses? Its kind of funny to see hose packs in a NYC mod
  2. I keep getting invisible structure fires. I get toned out, it shows the location very quickly and then hides the location.. I get 2 engines to the spot where I hear the fire coming from yet I see no visible smoke or fire.. I reinstalled twice.
  3. Personally I think structure fires should last longer than a few minutes.. The longest structure fire I had was 5 minutes and that only happened 1 time.
  4. Build you're own - you can save quite a few bucks doing this.
  5. No the update has not effected that yet - but it should. A very sweet update would have to be CAFS, with the correct ratio of air/foam it makes for quick knock-downs especially when you don't have a water or very little.
  6. I was curious as to what apparatus would be doing that in this mod.
  7. I did not mean that they literally bring another cylinder with them - I meant do they go to a special truck to refill the cylinder using a cascade system or do they just get a new pack.
  8. I have a question about SCBA: When you're firefighter runs out of air in the cylinder, can you go to a truck to get it refilled or will they just replace the cylinder/pack?
  9. I was just fighting a giant forest fire with: 1 tanker, 2 engines. I had a fire line in place and working and than it crashed suddenly...
  10. I had that happen, I tried to make a fireline(cutting 2 rows of trees ahead of the fire) and failed.. I restarted the game.
  11. The reserved spots(More will be added) are for the firefighters personal vehicles. Its going to be a small station based like how my department operates(first come who is certified to drive truck gets it, unless they are out ranked) and how many firefighters respond to call. I am working on the Models with sketch and than going to port them to more 'mature' model editors for detail and eye candy.
  12. I like the FMC model, a town north of me has one and are still using it... In-fact they used it at a structure fire a few months back during the tanker shuttle.
  13. Thats basically what I was telling him
  14. I know that the bay windows are slightly off leveled, but what do you expect for it being my first 3D model.. This is not a real station, one that I pictured in my head and did the work. Any suggestions or comments would be highly appreciated. EDIT: Here is some drastic changes in the building and the surrounding area, I think it looks 100% better.
  15. You can edit the XML files to have that happen.
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