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  1. Traffic and emergency vehicle movements are chaotic. I stop playing.
  2. some bugs : - unable to use the stretcher on the victim in the parking lot at 46th st & 8th avenue. disturbing because almost no more calls after. - fire between 44th & 45th St near 6th avenue but where is the fire ? nothing in building or sidewalk, but red dot on the map.
  3. Medical call in Mc Donald with BLS & ALS ambulances, engine 54 and EMS supervisor
  4. some problems i noticed : - cars on fire always blow up before fdny arrive on scene - happened only once : unable to lay down the victim on the stretcher after healing (victim treated by engine and two different ambulance crews before trying to use the stretcher) - it's difficult to park emergency vehicles correctly on the streets during calls, they don't move easily as we want (why don't use buttons to rotate them on their axis like in some French mods ?) - emergency vehicles often drive in a wrong way to get to the scene. it can be realistic on short distances but not on long distances Otherwise the mod is very fine and the map amazing !!!
  5. I just played for about 30 mins. The mod is pleasant to play and the map is just amazing. I got a crash just after a fire occured but i think it's my computer... congrats for the mod ! I don't understand one call, the voice says "engine", so I send my engine to the place, i get my firefighters into a building, then they get out and nothing happen, what is that call ?!
  6. I was actually playing the deluxe map which seems not to work, but the standard map works fine. thanks
  7. None of the buttons of the firehouses work so i can't play the mod. Furthermore, it seems to be only 2 vehicles in the big firehouse is that normal ? I have installed the two patches.
  8. Mod CSP 4.1 [French Mod]

    If necessary, i can help you to translate the mod. I'm French and pretty fluent in English
  9. Manhattan Modification General Topic

    How come i can't connect to the MERU server ? I got this error "Failed to connect to server" I use www.lovheim.net as server and Jeff2mars as nickname... what do i have to use as password ?
  10. ERS Berlin (Release v1.0)

    This mod has been abandoned three years ago.
  11. Harbor City Mod

    I'm a french user and i don't have a mic, but i speak English very well, i can write you in-game perfectly and only handle EMS if you want... could it be enough to join the team ?
  12. The Manhattan Modification Release & Download

    i've just installed the mod in the Mods folder of the game but after installing it doesn't appear in the folder, the mod seems not to be on the computer !! what's wrong ?! EDIT someone on another website answered me this : "Check your Programs Files foldr, look for WizardWorks, move it to Program Files (86), this happens if you are running 64bit systems." it works now.
  13. Manhattan Modification General Topic

    will the 3.0 version be released in fall or it was 2.3 please ?
  14. Madrid Mod

    will scripts and panel allow to dispatch vehicles as berlin mod or winterberg mod ? or will it look like original game ?
  15. ERS Berlin (Release v1.0)

    hello i got twice an accident at the upper right side of the map, and at the end i have a black car which seems not damaged and i can't remove it with the tow truck so it blocks traffic... anyone got the same problem ?