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  1. Has a parking script similar to the one in Bieberfelde been released somewhere to download?
  2. Sorry, there is a problem We could not locate the item you are trying to view. Error code: 2D161/2 Might wanna check that embedding
  3. hi, I cant seem to open London multi player mod with em4 mod installer any ideas or help?

    1. mariuswww


      The unpacked version should work better, simply drop the London Mod folder into your mod folder.



  4. Make sure the editor is pointing to the scaled model and not some older one laying in the same folder. Other than that i have no clue.
  5. Its most likely due to a lack of a powerfull GPU as Dyson literally mentioned 2 posts above.
  6. Hey bud, is NYCERU still active? I was wondering whether or not I can join.

  7. Version 1.0.0


    Hello and welcome to London Multiplayer Mod 1.0 This mod, created by Mariuswww and BMA takes place in the center of the English capital, London.Here you are given the command of three urban fire stations, two ambulance stations and a police station. The mod features many realistic London Vehicles and fire stations are made as close to the real deal, as we can. In total, this mod allows you to take contol over 32 emergency vehicles and 10 different types of personnel. All vehicles can easily be added to each station with the custom Activate Station script created for the mod. It is also possible to call each vehicle out from the station using the call vehicle command given to each vehicle at the station. The mod also includes three different sirens for each vehicle, limited water, Automatic Fire Alarms, Gated Wye and Parking. And best of all! All this actually works in multiplayer and released!
  8. Well, there is two way (AFAIK), 1st, you can load the mod in the editor, then load the freeplay map. Press F9 (or is it Shitf + F9 can't recall) in that menu you should be able to toggle snow on/off. 2nd way is to edit the map texture, adding a white layer ontop of streets etc, although this requires you to have the map texture and is quite more complicated than the 1st way.
  9. Also, if you hold an arrow key, while pressing Y (chat function) then the arrow will be "stuck" down.
  10. Wied, we've never encountered this during multiplayer. We'll check it out tho.
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