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    Ok, I hope the mod ends up being great. Will it be a simple install ie something like the London or LA mod simple? Also Phantom Forces and Arsenal are my favorite games on Roblox.
  2. Ok, thanks for you input.
  3. I am kinda new to the forum and am not accustomed to the way it works just yet, but I have seen somewhere that Hoppah has died. I can't remember where I read this but it was on the forum. I know Hoppah hasn't been active for some 2 years now and his LA mod (which I presume is done) hasn't been touched in about 3 years. Now, I know the LA mod for the most part is done. But if the number one mod on the forum has been made by you, I would update it some more. I am just asking for someone that knew him more in the modding community like Itchboy or MikeyPl to back up and tell me whether what I heard was true or wasn't. If he is dead, then rest in peace.
  4. Oh, sorry. I am new to the site and haven't read the rules. Thanks for telling me.
  5. These look amazing. Is there an estimated date of release for this mod? Also, will this mod have a self installer like the LA mod?
  6. Just saying, when I downloaded this and opened the game it didn’t work. The map downloads, but the loading screen doesn’t work and the cars and buildings are these mesh cage looking things.
  7. Ok because for some reason, I put the notepad file into a folder named West Lampeter Mod and put in into the Mod folder of 911 first responders yet it doesn't work. It won't install in the modifications section of the game menu.
  8. Will this have a self installer like the LA mod?
  9. I tried that but it doesn't work, I tried dragging it into the installer and it doesn't work because it isn't an em.4 file.
  10. Does anyone know how I can install this mod because it doesn't have a self installer like the LA mod. Sorry, but I am fairly new to all of this.
  11. Hi, I am new to the EM4 community and I wanted to buy the game. I know I can buy it off steam but since I am boycotting them for reasons regarding refunds I need another place online where I can safely buy EM4/911 first responders. I would like a website where once I get the game I can return it, sell it, or give it away if I want to later. Thanks
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