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  1. Hi All, It's been a while since I was last on here! Years in fact O_o. I've been a Paramedic for the past 3 years and an Operational Commander for the past year. I wonder if people can help me. I was on a team of modders that created the England Mod some time a go (I did the Scripts). I have fallen back in love with the Emergency series of gamdes and have started playing them again. But, I have been unsuccessful in finding the England Mod that our team created. I would really love to play this again and remind myself of the fun I had creating it. I don't suppose anyone has a copy of the Mod that they can send over as a Zip or rar file? If you did you would be legends James
  2. Bennie I'm back to script, and for real this time, when I'm not TCMing for St John Ambulance that is
  3. Scripted at your service . I can script most things, including missions
  4. A Levels are the final level for me before university, for you Americans - your final grade. I got off to University this year to study Paramedical Science, BSc. I become a registered paramedic once I complete it. I haven't lost my scripting skills, in fact I am studying Computing (programing) for one of my 3 A Levles, so once my exams are done I will be back to assist with mods if they require a scripter I've also been away doing band stuff, I play guitar, bass and keyboards for my band so I've been practicing a lot for that. Any news for me here that I may have missed?
  5. Hey Guys , Sorry I haven't been here in ages, had so much to deal with in recent years, parents splitting up, A Levels, Ambulance work, Applying for paramedic trainign at university, etc. Its been long, and with A Level exam coming up in the summer I cna't go back to scripting just yet. For all those of you who knew me: how is everythin? Anything new? (Asides Emergency 2012 that is ) Sorry if this is too off topic, I will remove at request James
  6. Its been 5 years since 4 terrorists bombed underground tube trains and a bus packed full of commuters in London. Causing 52 people to loose their lives and many more to be seriously injured. As a Londoner I feel, as a mark of respect, that people should have somewhere to write down messages of tributes for those who lost their lives and their families and friends, those who were injured in the bombings and to those who lost a loved one. Also a little thank you to the mainstream emergency services and the volunteer organisations (such as as St John Ambulance, British Red Cross, etc) who helped to save the lifes of the wounded and transport them to hospital, and to all the rescue workers who freed them. I'm asking my school to hold a 2 minute silence at 10:50am GMT as a mark of respect, I ask you to do the same. No hate messages in this topic please, this is a tribute topic. Regards James
  7. Ok, this one has got me, Hoppah any ideas?
  8. Get Rid of the bool(Check target...... section
  9. //****************************************************************************************** // #Version 1.0# // // Includes: Command to center the camera on a moving unit // // - VcmdCenterCamera // // Script by Soulbody // // Usage of this script in other mods is NOT allowed without permission of Soulbody // //****************************************************************************************** const char VO_SQUAD01[] = "SQUAD01"; object VcmdCenterCamera : CommandScript { VcmdCenterCamera() { SetIcon("scoutmine"); SetCursor("scoutmine"); SetPriority(998); SetSelfClickActivation(true); SetRestrictions(RESTRICT_SELFEXECUTE); SetValidTargets(ACTOR_VEHICLE); } bool CheckPossible(GameObject *Caller) { if (!Game::IsFreeplay() && !Game::IsMultiplayer()) return false; Vehicle v(Caller); if (v.IsCollidingWithVirtualObject(VO_SQUAD01)) return false; return true; } bool CheckTarget(GameObject *Caller, Actor *Target, int childID) { if (!Caller->IsValid() || (Caller->GetID() != Target->GetID())) return false; Vehicle v(Caller); if (v.GetNumTransported() > 0) SetPriority(999); return true; } void PushActions(GameObject *Caller, Actor *Target, int ChildID) { Vehicle v(Caller); Vector Pos = v.GetPosition(); Camera::SetCameraToLocation(&v); Camera::LookAtTarget(&v, false, 0.0f, 1.0f); Camera::FollowTarget(&v, Pos, false); } }; Try that
  10. With Air cadets I have my Silver Wings (badge), which means I have flown a glider in a circuit around an airfield solo:) I have also flown with an instructor, a grob tutor (single prop). I have also flown in many different types of Aircraft: Gazelle Attack Helicopter, And when I came over to florida earlier this year to help at the Sun 'n Fun airshow I flew in: A robinson helicopter A caribou And nearly flew in a Huey if it didn't break down . I was right next to a C130-J (Super Hercules) when I was marshalling a taxiway, it was so cool. And then it turned around and, using its propellors, reversed down the taxiway into its parking space :O So yes I am interested in aviation particulary millitary aviation.
  11. Is the command button to center the camera on the vehicle you wish it to center on?
  12. Hoppah Can the England Mod team have permission to use and edit your fire station door model and prototype for use in our mod? Regards James
  13. Can you describe to me what you want the script to do?
  14. Yeah I agree with soulbody majority of these crashes are caused by script errors, I have caused many CTDs when working on my scripts. Show us the scritp so we can see if that is the problem
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