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  1. Post your emergency vehicle lightbars!

    Some lightbars have fuses in them, I think the vector had 2 20 amp fuses in it, But they dont do any good if you provide 600 amps to the wrong side of the circuit. The pod I was replacing refused to light up the bulb which I knew was a good bulb, So I tried another pod, connected wires from the jump starter to the pods wire leads(before fulling screwing the pod in so it was partly completing the full circuit) and I guess that killed the whole bar. In other news, I got some red LED modules for my Liberty. I now just need 2 more red modules for the rear for it to be true red blue, Not stopping there, Will eventually replace the takedowns and alleys with compatible led versions.
  2. Post your emergency vehicle lightbars!

    Modified my 3 pod Vector SL from amber to red white and blue: Started this Summer with 7 bars, killed a full size vector while trying to get it fully working, tossed it out as well as the parts bar I was using for it., Sold my full size Amber Vector SL. With the removal of the amber led modules out of my Mini Vector, I placed them into my Arjent SL and have it listed for sale on craigslist: If I can sell it, I will be left with my Liberty and Streethawk and Mini Vector SL Which I have no intention of selling/tossing either of them. I seriously had to room in my tiny apartment for all of these lol.
  3. Came across an article that had a video, its preview image instantly reminded me of an Emergency game.
  4. How to Buy EM4 Deluxe

    EM4 Deluxe has been released on Steam for $17.99 USD
  5. .RAR files

    I came into this problem a few days ago, it turned out the copy of 7zip I was using was from 2010, But luckily there is a more recent version of it. Also, the version of winrar thats found on this site is an old version, and it should be deleted from the library here.
  6. 'Better' L.A. Sub-Mod V0.7.1

    I hate change
  7. 'Better' L.A. Sub-Mod V0.7.1

    Stupid mode engaged, Came across a few rar files that wouldnt open the other day, Turns out ive been using the same version of 7zip since 2010, and the copy of Winrar I found wasnt much newer, But after installing a more recent copy of 7zip, the file opened correctly.
  8. 'Better' L.A. Sub-Mod V0.7.1

    "Can not open file.rar as an archive." after downloading it again, do i need a mod installer to open this?
  9. 'Better' L.A. Sub-Mod V0.7.1

    Unable to open 0.7 in the link provided in the first post of this topic, used both 7zip and winrar on 2 different computers.
  10. Post your emergency vehicle lightbars!

    I have since added a few more bars to my collection, A Amber Vector SL, an Amber Mini Vector SL, a Whelen Liberty, and a Federal Signal Streethawk. Both amber vectors have very short cables and that allowed me to get them both for $75 total. I have a temporary power solution to powering them, I have been able to see what works on my first Vector, sadly it seems that only 3 rotators work along with the takedowns and alleys, the mini vector sl runs fine, the larger vector sl had its rotator bulb burned out so I replaced it with one of the working ones from my first vector, The Liberty runs fine on a 10amp continuous regulated power supply and the Streethawk works completely.
  11. Harbor City Mod

    I assume this is a fix for black screen after loading, But Where is it and what do you mean by hit? delete? open? Im using 5.01 btw
  12. How to Buy EM4 Deluxe

    I know, old topic, but my reply is extremely very relevant: Emergency 4 Deluxe is scheduled to be released sometime this month(Feb 2018) on Steam, For those who also might not be aware, Emergency 3 and 911: First Responders is also on Steam at $5 USD each, I expect EM4D to be less than $10 USD. I only know of the Steam version of 911:FR that Mods found here do work on it, I would expect Steams EM3 and EM4D to be the same. http://store.steampowered.com/app/757210/EMERGENCY_4_Deluxe/ Additionally, Emergency 20 has released a few months ago which features select missions from the 20 years of Emergency games as well as the complete 5, 2016 and 2017 releases which can no longer be purchased from Steam, a discount for 2016 and 2017 owners is expected to happen. I am not sure but I think 5.16, and 17 mods will work in 20. http://store.steampowered.com/app/735280/EMERGENCY_20/
  13. Good Screen Recorders?

    If you have a modern Nvidia video card, you can try Shadowplay, It too is free.
  14. Canadian Pictures

    Please dont mind my e-stalking, But any idea on what this guy was doing so far into Victoria far from its town on this day?, From a look on Google maps, It looks like Victoria is a fairly decently sized city and wouldnt need mutual aide from neighboring communities. Then again, maybe they were on a training run this day, My local university has occasional training classes that bring in fire department resources from neighboring communities.
  15. Emergency 4 Mod installer

    Does it help anyone if the mods are placed into the mods folder in the games install folder? Was having problems installing them from another folder on another drive, then I moved the e4mod files into the mods folder and it worked(after many trial and error getting the installer to work.)