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  1. Hello to you all guys, I'm a new entry within EM4 community (well, actually not THAT "new" since I played EM4 something like 9 years ago) and only recently I decieded to give a small contribuition to this great community. I started with a own, private project, using rihis' 90' mod 1.8 submod for LA Mod 2.1; specifically, I edited and tweaked the textures on both 94' Crown Vic and 94' Chevrolet Caprice 'cause they were a bit plain for my personal taste (but it's not a big deal since it looks like that the original creator stopped the development of that mod) and now I'm even editing some more lights. However, I'm now here asking for the community's help because I wanted to add those two cars in NYC Mod too with their proper 1990s colours for the sake of 90s disaster movie nostalgia ( hehe ) but in order to do that I have to modify some things which I'm completely uncapable to do so... at least for the time beign. I need help with the lightbar on both CV and Caprice. On the bottom of the post you'll see what I'd love to obtain. I hope was clear enough, considering I'm not an english native speaker, and let me tell you that I'm looking forward to your help! Thanks! !!!DISCLAIMER!!!: Irepeat; I no way I'm putting my modification on this site without previous permissions from the creators of these contnents! This is purely a personal and private mod so do not ask nor pm me about releasing these models First and second picture: This is how the final result is supposed to be with lightbar and bull bar Third picture: what I'm working on So, basically what I need is someone with Zmodeler who can change and edit the colours of the lights (as pictured above) and also switch the lightbar on both the 94 CV and the Caprice with one you see in the back of the 94 CV (these three all come with rihis' 90s Submod 1.8). Secondly, well, a 90s bull bar must be attached to the 94 CV (even a v3o model to stick in Editor will do) and finally, the lightbar with directional lights: I don't know how to script the animation so I'll need help on this too. Someone should put that one on top back (see picture or the Crown Vic above for reference) of the 94 CV and script the hell out of it. I'll deal with the light editing 'cause that I'v managed to do it. (White Crown Victoria patrolcar made by NYC Mod team guys) http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_02/nypd560.jpg.e47fb48b6bdfabc2f049f34df845eb1e.jpg http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_02/nypd874.jpg.8043b49e5084f6b5662afaa0edc32a52.jpg http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_02/nypd.thumb.jpg.92624ca5e32408fae3fe5eac23c4c3c8.jpg
  2. Submod: 90' mod v1.8

    Anyone has the LASiren fix? Looks like the link posted years ago by MAN007 is broken :/ If you have it, just PM me at my hotmail account paradise_city_94@live.it